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Charubah is a large temperate planet, third from the sun, and is the only major inhabited world in the Charu system. However, "inhabited" is an understatement. Vaguely reminiscent of Coruscant, the planet Charubah is now a monument to technology. Its cities cover much of the planet's surface, and the people of the planet enjoy the extreme cutting edge of technology in the Hapes Consortium.

However, while technology abounds everywhere, the planet's inhabitants did not allow the planet's natural beauty to be lost. Amidst the shining cities stand vast oceans, expansive forests, mountain ranges that reach for the stars, and snowy poles.

Religion on the planet is virtually non-existent, and understandably so. Few anomalies in the star system occur, and for the planet's inhabitants, millenia of orderly progress through the power of reason and the living mind have eradicated any sense of the divine.

The planet is home to the powerful and ancient Olanji Corporation, historic producer of the Hapes Consortium's mighty warships. Orbiting the planet are extensive shipyard facilities. Within the major cities on the surface stand tall control towers that constantly monitor and direct the immense flow of traffic to and from the shipyards and within the atmosphere and surrounding space. These control facilities work around the clock with similar posts located in orbiting space stations to make sure that traffic on and around the planet stays controlled, orderly, and accident-free.

The planet, historically, was also the seat of the influential House Olanji, but the Olanji family faded away during the years of the civil war. In its place rose Andrew Starfyre, the Charuban peasant who rose to lead the re-unification of the Cluster and become the first King of the Hapes Consortium. Dubbed the Phoenix King because of Hapes' rise from its own ashes, King Andrew established House Starfyre, with the flaming Phoenix as its crest, on the planet Charubah, symbolically taking the place of the late House Olanji.

Charubah represents the both the new and the old in the Hapes Cluster, its past and its future.