Chiss Ascendancy(Year 10)

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This is about the Chiss Ascendancy from Year 10. You may be looking for:

Chiss Ascendancy
General Information
Motto Your welfare. Your happiness. Our discipline.
Status Active
Leader Carn`ilo` Sabosen
2IC Flar Gar
Owner Carn`ilo` Sabosen
Historical Information
Founded Year 10 Day 201
Dissolved Year yy Day xxx
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Production(Medical)


The history of the Chiss Ascendancy is a long and complex one, in its current state the Ascendancy is the governing body for its now free people. Its goal is to allow for the Chiss to control its own destiny, to rebuild and heal the population. Learning from past atrocities committed against them, an illustration in history, that crimes from a small number of corrupt individuals, no matter how noble the culture, can lead to untold damage.

Our ongoing objective is to provide greater awareness of Chiss culture and to restore a once thriving and dynamic people. Cherished ideals held by the Council have derived from the foundations of most governing bodies - Justice, prosperity and overwhelming sense of a passionate within the populace. The Ascendancy were very much devoiced by those found in recent galactic affairs and had decreed that such ideals are not to be permitted, such ignorance, no matter how noble the individual, must have revise their preconceptions and embrace new pragmatic beginnings if these ideals are to be reached.

The Ascendancy is proud to present its first venture in its new beginning, medicine. Dedicated to the wellbeing of the free worlds of our Galaxy, our institute is very much a cornerstone of customer focus and a calling to the people, not only the Chiss but to sentient beings of all races and beliefs. We hope you will consider us a choice when it comes to your constitution.

Your welfare. Your happiness. Our discipline.