Chiss Veers

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Chiss Veers
Biographical Information
Race Human (Coruscanti)
Homeworld Chandrila[1]
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Angelica Marie
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Classified
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Sienar Conglomerate
Positions Founder of Sienar Conglomerate
Prior Affiliation Imperial Army
Tenloss Syndicate

Brigadier General Chiss Veers was Commanding Officer of the Imperial Army in Year 4 and, later, the founder of the Sienar Conglomerate.


Chiss Veers was born decades ago in Hanna City on Chandrila near the Silver Sea.[1] His parents were migrant farmers whom were killed while traveling aboard a Mon Cal Star Liner by pirates. When he discovered his parents' fate, he vowed to hunt down every law-breaker in the galaxy. To fulfill this vow, he enlisted in the Imperial Army. Over time, he proved himself to be a loyal soldier and followed every order that was given to him.[1]

Circa Year 4, he took command of the Army shortly after Greyson Uebles ascended the throne. Along with Executor Correll Aintab and Director of Imperial Intelligence Cyrus Cloudwalker, he was involved in a failed counter-coup against the new Emperor Uebles and subsequently went into exile. After leaving the Empire he very briefly led the Tenloss Syndicate and founded the successful company Sienar Technologies. At some point during his career, he was under investigation by the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations for leaking information to his girlfriend and later wife, Angelica Marie.

Mr. Veers was determined that he could best support Sienar Technologies by creating three separate subsidiaries. Under his orders, Sienar Army Systems (a vehicle supplier), Sienar Corporate Security (a corporate protection agency), and Sienar Extractions (a mining company) were created. The SC was unofficially started with the founding of Sienar Extractions in Year 5 Day 361. Due to the need for these companies to function seamlessly, a Board of Directors was setup to manage the direction of the separate corporations and ensure they all moved in unison. Soon after the first Board of Directors was assembled, the Sienar Conglomerate was officially created.

Although Mr. Veers was a good leader and helped to get the once magnificent company back on its feet after the Clone Wars had ended, he soon slipped into a role of complacency. After making some brash and ill-advised business transactions, including trading with a known thief and con artist, Veers was forced by the SC Board of Directors to cede his roles CEO of Sienar Technologies and President of the Board of Directors, although not before having to close the doors to Sienar Army Systems as a result of his bad management.

Imperial career

  • Former Imperial Royal Guardsman
  • Former Imperial General and Army Commanding Officer
  • Former Storm Corps Commanding Officer
  • Former Assistant Director Imperial Medical Department
  • Former Imperial Command Fleet Ground forces Commander
  • Former Imperial Intelligence Operative


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