Clan Kitade

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Clan Kitade
Clan Kitade's Emblem
General Information
Leader Thearn Nightstaf
Headquarters Port NoWhere
Historical Information
Founded Y8
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral

A minor clan based in the western deserts of Kiffu, Clan Kitade is noted mainly for it's nomadic lifestyle and hunters skilled in the art of stealth. Valuing guile and cunning over brute force, the warriors of Clan Kitade are commonly found working as scouts and explorers across the galaxy. The qukuuf of Clan Kitade is that of a black splayed katarn claw, commonly worn along the left side of the face, signifying the symbolic relationship the clan has with the Crag Katarn and other wild beasts that dwell in the desert wastes of Kiffu where the tribe originated.

The Kitade Holochannel May be found here: [[1]]

The Qukuuf of Clan Kitade

Skull of the Crag Katarn, a creature considered sacred by members of Clan Kitade