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The Colonial Shockball League (CSL) is one of the sporting activities of the Galactic Sports League.

As the name implies, it is about one of the most popular sports in the galaxy: shockball.

CSL was founded long before the creation of GSL, when Colonial Recycling Corporation's CEO Troon Kebris wanted this sport to become popular in the whole galaxy and not only being limited in the outer rim. Subsequently, with the increase in popularity, CSL went through a re-organisation that eventually led to what it is today.
Therefore two main "ages" can be distinguished: the pre- and post-GSL age.

The pre-GSL age

Around Year 9, two seasons were played without the cover of GSL, but with the cover of Colonial Recycling Corporation. The first season was played by eight teams from around the galaxy and the Colonial Shockball League Trophy was won by the Vyzerod Vulcans. Season Two was composed of eleven teams, but unfortunately never reached its natural end due to several circumstances.

Teams of season two:


Shockball was played between two teams of four players each, where the object of the game is to score goals. Points could be scored in two ways: a goal, worth 5 points, and one additional point awarded for each opposing player stunned with the shock blaster.
The game was played out over 80 minutes. These games were often brutal and demanding on the players, but exhilarating for the fans. Each member of the team was armed with a small, specially designed blaster that packed enough punch to render someone unconscious for 30 seconds. However, the recharge time of the blaster was 5 minutes, so selecting your target is very important.
The field was also littered with many obstacles that could either hinder or aid a player's progress. The game was played using a small ball of energy, which could be passed between teammates by a simple toss. The opposing players can tackle, shoot or do anything else they wish in an attempt to gain possession of the ball.

Under the cover of GSL

With a renewed élan, the shockball league started anew and is still running. At this date, three season have been played and the fourth is about to start. During these four seasons, the level of antagonism increased as much as the number of teams accepted in the League.

Season 1

The first season was composed of 8 teams divided in two conferences: the Core Worlds and the Outer Rim worlds. All teams were mainly owned by private individuals. The first matches were played on Year 10 Day 329.
The season was won by Kal`Shebbol Echelon. Corulus Rangers were second, and Kabal Onslaught third.

Season 2

This second season had a huge increment of teams playing. From eight teams and only one Tier, Season 2 schedule was played with two Tiers: Tier 1 with the eight "veteran" teams, and Tier 2 with the newly enrolled fourteen teams.

Fourteen new teams joined the franchise. This large boost in numbers witnessed the popularity gained by shockball all over the galaxy. This affected the status of CSL for the good.
The "status" of CSL changed as well. From a simple professional league of privately-owned teams, CSL attracted many teams whose owners were big galactic organisations.

The Galactic Government was the first to acknowledge the grown popularity of the League, and the Falleen Federals were the first government-aligned franchise to join CSL.

The Galactic Empire signed with the Coruscant Knights and the Kothilis United, while the New Republic enrolled the Republica Rogues, and the Sullust Cavers. Mandalore decided to give it a try, and supplied the League with the curiously named Dxun Bes'uliike, while rumors said that the Kiffex Outlaws were affiliated to the Black Sun.

As with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages. Although CSL had always and repeatedly affirmed that shockball must not involve politics, during this Season some interference from Governments was reported.

The second season was won by Kabal Onslaught, with Calivir Crushers at second place.

Season 3

Season 3 was once again very different from the previous season. Tier 1, the élite League, was brought to 10 teams thanks to the promotions of two teams from Tier 2. Instead, Tier 2 was expanded to include 20 teams. Matches in Tier 1 were held on Sundays, whereas the matches in Tier 2 were played twice a week: on Sundays and on Wednesdays.

The third season was won by the Corulus Guardians, with Kabal Onslaught at second place. Tier 2 also had its own "final", and the Tier 2 Championship was won by the Boordii Steampunks.

Season 4

Ten teams in Tier 1, ten teams in Tier 2, and fourteen teams in Tier 3 for a total of thirty-four teams. These are the numbers of this season.
CSL was forced to stop the applications to play in the league, and the last positions were put on auction on the Centrepoint Marketplace (CPM). Another record was set in the shockball world: the last team franchise was bought for 315 million credits[1].

The Shocker

The League published a periodical magazine called The Shocker - Shockball from the inside. Announcements, match reports and comments, and betting ratios were part of the standard articles.
The first issues were published via the Galactic News Service, while the following ones were published directly on the CSL holosite.

The press coverage on shockball lists many different GNS articles.


With the increasing influence of this sport in the galaxy, the CSL Board set specific requirements for teams. Among them, each team had to own their own stadium.


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