Combined Intelligence Agency

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Combined Intelligence Agency
General Information
Status Inactive
Leader Kavilo Dujuk
Members Classified
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 197
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Intelligence

About Combined Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.)

The Work of a Combine. The Centre of Intelligence.

In Year 11 Day 197 the Combined Intelligence Agency came into life as a combined endeavour of some of the Top Intelligence gathering folks in the Galaxy. They had been proud to announce that they would be handling all issues of intelligence gathering, analysis and evaluation that a customer could possibly desire.

The C.I.A. is an intelligence agency, in which many hand-picked agents work together to offer intelligence, evaluation, information gathering and filtering, so any order can be fulfilled in time.

Current Services of Combined Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.)

The C.I.A. offers all kind of information gathering services, evaluations and is proud to have a 100% disclosoure rate. Never will information about you or what you have bought become public to anyone.

What we have done in the past few months: Member List of a major government Member List of a major criminal syndicate Background Check and investigation of current affairs of a historic organization Coding of a Simulator for given values against a given formula

You want to work for Combined Intelligence Agency?

Now you have the opportunity to register yourself as an informant for C.I.A. and earn a living by doing it!

You do have a position inside a corporation or organization? You want to make some money next to your normal salary?

Contact me with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • The Corporation you work for
  • Your rank inside the corporation

Then add about half a page of internal information to the message, so we can verify, that you are really interested in this business.

After your information is verified you will get 100,000 credits for this registration.

We will then contact you, once we get an intelligence request, where your position and knowledge will come in very handy. Please keep the above information updated on a regular basis (at least once a half year, or whenever you get a change inside your field of deployment).

You will then be paid by the value of your information.


Contact now "Kavilo Dujuk" by a Darkness Message, and begin to be able to fulfill your dreams!

Your information will of course be kept secret - no one will ever know that you participated in our program.

Kavilo Dujuk, Combined Intelligence Agency


To contact C.I.A. send a darkness message to Kavilo Dujuk.