Confederate Remnant

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Confederate Remnant
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Horley Cyan
2IC None
Owner Horley Cyan
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 328
Political Information
Affiliation Confederacy of Independent Systems
Industry Security

The Confederate Remnant was a member of the CIS owned by Horley Cyan. It was created with the ideal of providing cheap and honest security services to the galactic population.


Once a part of the Confederacy of Independent systems our people were held to the lofty goals of bringing real independence back to the galaxy at large.

Our numbers were quite numerous, our victories over the Republic were plenty, we were gaining ground and momentum it seemed daily. Our ultimate goals? The complete overthrow of the Supreme Chancellor and his government of greedy stooges.

Little did we know that our once thought independent plans and attacks were being scripted from the shadows by beings with a far better handle on the ‘big picture’

With time our victories were cut short, our leadership was hunted down and phased out and the Confederacy of Independent Systems was dissolved and absorbed by the new and growing entity called the Imperial Union.

Few of our leaders survive. Succession from the Confederacy was the only viable option when it was obvious what was happening, those leaders went their separate ways in hopes of gaining new territories and prosperous endeavours until one day when fate brought them back together and the need for a new security force was required.

These leaders formed the Confederate Remnant as a security organization with goals as lofty of the Confederacy of old, however those goals were not galactic in size any longer, they were scaled down to protect those that needed protection from the oppression of others, whoever they may be.


The Remnant, as those within its ranks like to refer to themselves as, is a group of beings who have several ideals backing and molding their paths and influencing their futures.

Ideals such as security for the masses are what these gentle beings have come to realize is most needed within the galaxy at large.

With oppressive governments trying to take more and more control at the cost of small time business and families grinding out a lowly existence and major pirate and criminal organizations taking on whatever is left the common being is stuck with very little recourse but to find themselves a rock to hide under or a private security firm who is willing to help them survive and prosper.

Confederate Remnant is made up of once happy traders and security personnel who came from a time when the galaxy was relatively calm and prosperous. These beings broke off from the Confederacy of Independent Systems when it was obvious that an evolution of the CIS of old was about to take place.

Several leaders from the CIS of old had gone their separate ways in order to try and make a name for themselves in their respected positions, years later and as chance will have it many of them ended up on the opposite sides of a planetary struggle for control.

After some talking all involved realized that they were fighting old friends and comrades, something they all swore never to do way back when, and that now was a time to change it all and start protecting others who were in need of their help.

Horley Cyan and Seijo Kutol took it upon themselves to band together and after many talks and recruiting efforts founded the security group simply known as Confederate Remnant.

Confederate Remnant can be hired as private security for those in need, we will help build up our clients’ defenses, even train them how to defend themselves.. We are here and will continue to be here until our help is no longer needed.

Long Live the Confederacy may our services not be needed for long.