Corporate Sector Authority (Years 11-12)

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This article is about the Corporate Sector Authority organisation which existed during years 11 and 12. You may be looking for the Authority as it existed between Years 5-10.

Corporate Sector Authority
CSA 2.png
Type Trading
Holosite Corporate Sector Authority
ExO of the CSA ExO Azrakh Raleep
PreX of the CSA PreX Dakha Rednax
Executive branch Office of the ExO
Legislative branch DireX Board
Judicial branch Espos
Corporate information
Territory Ptera System
Capital Flax
Official language Galactic Basic
Currency Credits
Historical information
Date of establishment Year 11 Day 357

The Corporate Sector was originally established hundreds of years ago under the Old Republic, it was once a group of several hundred systems, all devoid of intelligent life. The corporations allowed to operate in the sector could purchase entire regions of space but were held in check by the watchful eye of the Republic. During the collapse of the Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire, however, the Corporate Sector was largely forgotten about by the Empire. Talk of rebellions were a far more important issue than a group of lifeless star systems and the corporations that ran them. The Corporate Sector expanded in this void and eleven native intelligent species were discovered in this expanded region. One of these species, the Triani, a feline species, are actively challenging the annexation of their home worlds into the Corporate Sector. A peaceable agreement would be best, however, none exists at present. At present, the CSA is a publicly recognized corporation, independent of the Galactic Empire. The CSA is neutral in the ongoing Civil War and is largely embracive in their politics. Economically, however, the CSA is as aggressive as ever in pursuing companies to bring as official affiliates and creating new trading partners galaxy wide.