Crimson Dawn

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Crimson Dawn
Crimson dawn logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Wyvorn Kordu
Historical Information
Founded Year 19 Day 320
Political Information
Industry Trade

“In times long gone the Crimson Dawn spanned much of the Under-Galaxy. Fading from the known Galaxy like a spark fire, its strength diminished to practical obscurity. However, it still retains some hold over the darker corners of certain shadow-ports. Many have risen to try and bring the Crimson Dawn back into the galactic eye one more, but all have failed. Each fresh attempt has costed the Crimson Dawn influence and profitability. The Hutts and other criminal elements have all but stripped the syndicate of its operational assets, however the Dawn will never cease and always rises after the long night…”

From early days Wyvorn Kordu, who has always praised the efforts of the larger syndicates within the galaxy, sought to expand Crimson Dawn holdings and eventually spread it to the high-day glory of centuries past. When the current leadership drove Crimson Dawn further into the realm of anonymity and loosing several of their longer lasting holdings to petty street gangs, Wyvorn took it upon himself to single-handedly prevent the complete dissolving of the syndicate into the gangs that were so eager to claim the pieces. The leadership of the Crimson Dawn, a pale shadow of the more established criminal elements present in the Galaxy, were removed through a series of assassinations and bloody murders. Their holdings lost, influence shattered and each and overtime, Wyvorn was there to pick up the pieces. Now Wyvorn, a relative unknown in the galactic underworld, has seized full control of the Crimson Dawn or at least the broken shell of what it once was. Naming himself as Crime Lord of the group has started to put back together a Syndicate that deserves the reputation he so desires.