Crimson Rain Moss

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Crimson Rain Moss
Crimson Rain Moss.png

The Crimson Rain Moss is one of the most unique plant species in the galaxy. Native to the icecaps and craters of Boronall this colorful moss defies everything scientists know about moss and has sparked decades of research on what makes this little moss work.


The Crimson Rain Moss is known to science as Obomvu cor and is a remarkably variable species. It comes in three variants, all of which retain the vibrant crimson color. There is a variant which clings to the trunks and limbs of trees. The second variant is completely ground cover, while the third reaches a mere inch or two in height and grows in a tiny bush shape. Each one produces spore pods which burst and allow the spores to be wind borne to new locations. The pods themselves are green, but the spores produced are vibrant red. When the arboreal spores burst in the wind, they produce a shower of red spores, which is where the moss got its name. The moss requires moisture, but no soil nutrients and can live in full sun. However, it cannot take hot temperatures, with it's growth stunting at moderate temperatures. It will die if placed in a rain forest environment. because they require no soil nutrients, they can live in places no other plant can, including on sheets of ice. This is vastly different than any other moss.

Gardening and Uses

Because the Crimson Rain Moss has the ability to exist and thrive in cold climates, it is a very useful garden plant. It adds a beautiful dash of brilliant color and helps cold climate gardeners fill a massive void in their gardens, as Crimson Rain Moss does not die back in the winter. However, the majority of its usefulness come in the construction industry. Because the Crimson Rain Moss can exist without soil nutrients, contractors frequently use it to cover unsightly areas of ground such as gravel deposits. It is also used to hold banks of soil in place due to its strong anchors.