Crispin Sygnus

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Crispin Sygnus
Crispin Tynaan Large.png
Biographical Information
Race Tynaan (Formerly Whiphid)
Homeworld Toola
Clan Sygnus
House N/A
Mother Jula Sygnus
Father Frago Sygnus
Marital Status Single
Spouse None
Partner None
Siblings Zao Sygnus (Deceased), Absalom Sygnus (Adopted)
Children None
Born Year 17, Day 73
Died Year 18, Day 277
Languages Whiphid, Galactic Basic
Religion Native Tribal religion
Quote "I will bring honor to my tribe"
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.5 meters
Weight 350 kilos
Coloring brown fur
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Political Information
Affiliation Independent
Title Spear Master
Rank N/A
Positions Sitter,Hunter
Prior Affiliation SSi Ruvi Tech, Faerytail Medical
Awards Bronze Coin (The FIGHT on Derra)
Signature Crispin Tynaan sig.png

Crispin Sygnus is male Tynaan known for his skill as a hunter and trader. The self-proclaimed "Spear Master" was formerly a Whiphid who has entered and won two matches against worthy oppenents in THE FIGHT on Derra IV, and has earned a Bronze Coin. He now spends his days helping sentients in need and fighting to end Speciesism in the galaxy.


Crispin (of the Sygnus tribe) was born on Toola before the years before the Clone wars. Like his brothers, Crispin followed his father to hunt prey (especially the prized Motmot) in order to feed their Nomadic Tribe. He went with his father to meet at the hot springs to trade and assist fellow tribes in the hunts. For decades, Crispin lived like this until one day a starship crashed into the jungle and Crispin went off to investigate, as he would surely gain great honor for bringing back the news to his family.

Young Crispin Sygnus.jpg

Crispin's first sighting of the off-worlders was their mechanical beast, which was stumbling around trying to gain it's bearings several meters from the crash site. With the help of a translator droid, Crispin was able to understand that the downed Brayl's passengers were injured. He took them back to his tribe to get them the best medical help his primitive tribe could offer. The explorers stayed for days learning about the tribe and other nearby clans. Then their slave ship came. Crispin and his tribe were captured and enslaved. The pirates beat the Whiphids to force them onto the bigger slave ship and forced the tribe into submission.They spent months in hyper travel traversing hundreds of worlds, they were scattered all throughout the galaxy. The few who survived, that is.

At the outbreak of the Clone wars, Crispin struggled to survive on his new found home on Nar Shadda. Crispin was at least accompanied by his younger brother Zao, the one bright part of his sad existence. Crispin and Zao spent years in criminal activities at the command of their masters. Sadly, Zao died in Crispin's arms after failing to complete a ryll delivery. As the pirate laughed at his two slaves, something in Crispin broke and he unleashed all fury on the pirate and killed him.

Crispin wasted no time to steal the pirate's ship as he had been taught how to. This time, though, the magnificent Wayfarer would not become a trophy in the hands of his master. Instead, this would be Crispin's way out of Nar Shadda and into a better life. He had learned a broken form of Galactic Basic during his slavery and how to pilot a ship. He left the Smuggler's moon, with one goal in mind: He would rebuild his tribe and honor his Father's Memory. That day he proclaimed himself, his clan's "Spear Master" (or leader).

Stalwart Sentinel (C.S.).png

By the end of the Clone Wars, Crispin found himself caught in the midst of a battle between the CIS and the Republic over the planet Malastare. The CIS Dreadnaught captured the Wayfarer and a Republic Commando escort shuttle in its tractor beam. However, Crispin and the Republic's finest worked together to take control of the ship, forcing it to crash land on the planet's molten surface as the party escaped. Crispin spent the remainder of the war as an ally to the Republic helping in a few battles as necessary.

Crispin Sygnus.jpg

With the rise of the Empire Crispin began to further explore the galaxy, looking for the good in it. On the planet Devaron, Crispin stopped to refuel and was caught in the middle of a raid by a local gang. Crispin succeeded in helping the local police drive back the game into the mountains and took on the job of one of the local protectors. For many years the local farmsteads would experience the safety of a protector watching over them but Crispin decided it that it was time to find out what was going on in the galaxy.

Year 17

Year 17, Day 73: Crispin had become a pilot for SSI Ruvi Technologies after the start of the Second Galactic Civil War. He disliked piloting but it was the only thing he could do to keep undetected. He was afraid to ally himself with a major power, afraid of the disaster he might cause. In order to do some good in the galaxy, he became a respected trader, offering the fairest deals as he could afford. He became fairly well known in the trading community for his typically fast trades.

Year 17 Day ??: After an accident involving the life supports malfunctioning aboard his ship, Crispin emerged from a 3-month synthetic coma far away from his mission's objective. He decided to take this opportunity to make a new start for himself and began to make contacts in a local medical group: Faerytail Medical. While not a physician, he did work to help keep the faction growing by finding new sentients find a home there.

Year 17 Day 310: But eventually, he grew too weary of the stars and yearned to enter combat once again. He found an add on the Holonet for a Fight on the war-ridden planet of Derra IV. He saw this as an opportunity to make a temporary income and bring honor to his family, so he entered the fight. He was teamed up with the Fight's previous champion Fritjof Blom to face off against two force sensitive sentients, Venari Haliat and Dalovan Lombardo. The fight ended with Crispin and Fritjof the winners and much honor gained for his participation.

Year 17 Day 314: Crispin foolishly decided to hunt in the midst of the war-torn world of Derra IV after the fight. Spotting a group of Gundarks, he attempted to engage all three at once thinking he could overpower them. He was wrong and soon found himself on the verge of death. When Crispin thought it was the end he heard the soft sound of a flesh being penetrated. One Gundark dropped, then another, before the Spear Master could process what happened a rodian appeared from behind a rock. Sniper rifle in hand, the rodian introduced himself as "Absalom". The two unlikely friends would eventually grow as close as brothers, so close that the rodian took on the last name, making himself Absalom Sygnus.

Year 17 Day 348: Crispin met the acquaintance of a dying Chiss named Flar Gar. The Chiss, in his last days, had decided to hold an eccentric contest in which the man would give out 50M credits and two BFFs to the sentient who would use them for good and help new adventures in the galaxy. Crispin won the contest, after giving a poor man a small Pinook fighter and some basic equipment. Crispin, upon taking possession of the inheritance, began to devise how to best wisely spend the credits to the purpose it was intended for.

Year 17 Day 355: With a single victory in The Fight in hand, Crispin soon challenged another great warrior, a Gand by the name of R`Kayvyss Qoukiir, to an honorable duel. The fight was magnificent, each duelist using their talents and weapons to best out maneuver the other. While the battle was long and intense, in the end, it would be Crispin again emerging victorious. But more than the honor of the duel, Crispin had made a good friend and ally and would hopefully be able to hunt with the Gand in the future.

Year 17 Day 354 After a thorough investigation, The Spear Master soon confronted the evil swindler known as Salvatore Vito Falcon about the credits he had tricked another sentient out of. Salvatore boasted of his triumph and all was revealed. The swindler was ruined and his fate became unknown.

Year 18

Y 18 D 90: Crispin encountered a high ranking member of the Tsis Tvarka Reborn, Drarak Naxu Uvroso and lured him into a trap. The Spear Master captured him before he could do much harm to the galaxy, thankfully and kept him locked onboard his ship until Crispin sent the TTR agent to be watched over by a private party.

Y 18 D 115: Hearing rumors of trouble on his homeworld, the Spear Master returned to his homeworld to investigate. Crispin learned of the so-called "Brother's Twelve", a closely knit group of hunters feeding on their own pride and massive quantities of meat from a variety of creatures. Their success had led them to start fights with other tribes and they had moved in to seize control of the hot springs so that the other Whiphids were forced farther into the colder North regions of the planet. Crispin challenged the twelve to a duel, with the terms that the losing side would serve the winning side. At the end of three days, Crispin emerged bloody, bruised and victorious, with the twelve in his service.

Y 18 D 144-152: In response to a distress signal, the Spear Master traveled out into deep space to search for a lost ship and her crew, in bandit territory. After 8 days of searching, Crispin and his brother, Absalom Sygnus, came across a bandit group who initiated a brutal battle between them and the Sygnus brothers. After heavy losses on both sides, the remaining bandits fled deeper into the asteroid field as the brothers regrouped. Not long after, reports came in that the freighters in distress had been rescued and the disappointed duo, set off away from the asteroid field.

Y 18, D 155: Crispin had a vision where he watched himself on the Icy home world of Toola and saw his tribe debating about what should be done to the Spear Master. Upon seeing him, his Father looked at his seemingly unhonorable son and spoke, prophesying that for his arrogance in the duels on Derra, and accepting prizes instead of honor, The Spear Master would be cursed from his homeworld and forced to travel as a member of an"Inferior Race". The Spear Master was informed thatif he could humbly learn to serve then maybe one day he would return to his former glory.

Crispin would later wake up to find himself in a medical facility on Devaron. After looking into a mirror his heart broke at the image before him, a reflection of a small Tynaan. The doctors insisted that his consistent traveling to Derra IV had exposed him to a disease called the Metamorphisis Plauge but Crispin would believe none of it. He knew that this was not by chance, the Spear Master knew he had been cursed by the gods as his father had foreseen.

Temporary Avatar large.png

Y18, D 157: Crispin painted himself in traditional blue and gold battle colors of the Crispin tribe and began to challenge each and every vile criminal on the planet's surface, but he lacked the strength he had known formerly and left Devaron defeated. The Spear Master (if he still deserved such a title) slowly came to the conclusion that he would have to adapt to the strengths of his new found form if he had any hope of surviving in the galaxy.

Y18, D 246: Crispin, now dressed in his new armor and filled with new confidence in the new tricks and techniques he can now comprehend and is almost ready to return back into the Trading game.

Y18, D165: Crispin stumbles upon the secretive Twilight Corporation, in need of agents to help clear their name in the galaxy's eyes. Crispin sets off to their base to aid in their quest.

Sentients Crispin has helped

In his effort to help the galaxy in any way possible, Crispin has kept a list of some of the sentients he's helped in the galaxy.

1.Kam Spider: A Coruscanti that the Spear Master rescued from a shielded Faction HQ and again weeks later from a BFF-bulk freighter.

2.Dalovan Lombardo: A Corellian that Crispin began to teach how to fight both before and after their duel on Derra IV.