Crossroads Station

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Spacelane Diner
Navigational Stats
Hyperspeed 0
Sublight Speed 60 MGLT
Max Speed 600 km/h
Manoeuvrability 4.00
Sensors 4
Proton Torpedo Launchers 0
Ion Cannons 0
Heavy Lasers 0
Concussion Missile Launchers 0
Tractor Beams 0
Turbo Lasers 0
Quad Lasers 0
Volume 7,000 m³
Weight Cap 12T
Volume Cap 75 m³
Max Passengers 34
Hull Stats
Length 90m
Deflector Shields 100
Ionic Capacity 40
Estimated RM Price 166,742
Affiliation Dorin Freetraders Guild


Crossroads Station was originally a Spacelane Diner stationed in the Dorin System, Deadalis Sector. Owned and operated by the Dorin Freelancers Guild.

The Diner was always open to any hungry traveler who happened by. Offering little more than basic nourishment, the establishment didn't attract much attention.

But in a back room lay the true purpose of its existence. The room was packed with various computer systems and communications equipment. Monitored by a crew of protocol and maintenance droids the equipment was used to facilitate communications and trade between freelancers and their employers.

As a free service, freelancers and anyone for that matter were encouraged to set up their own channel and advertise their products and services. There was a Job Board channel where people could post jobs that they were offering to freelancers.

The main frequency for Crossroads Station was: