Crysis Jones

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Crysis Jones
Biographical Information
Race Pau`an
Homeworld Utapau
Mother Unknown
Father UnKnown
Spouse UnKnown
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -11 Day 209
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.98 meters
Hair Color None
Eye Color Onyx
Political Information
Affiliation Nakesh Alliance Extractions
Positions Steward
Prior Affiliation None
Awards None

Crysis Jones works for Nakesh Alliance Extractions as a Steward. He is a friendly guy to get along with and he enjoys having a good drink with others. He has been exploring the galaxy from a young age as he grew up with a Hitchhiker for a father.

His Previous Jobs include working for Some Bank place, Which didn't work out to well for him. But although That job didn't work out he always tries his best in any job he does and has managed to prolong his career in Nakesh Alliance Extractions as a Steward.

His younger life he doesn't remember much of because of the fact he was always traveling, He never really settled down in one place to make some friends until he reached the age were he could think for himself, So he went in search of a home on the planet Utapau Where he found a job and a ship. He met loads of great people and settled in. But as his father said, "Once a hitchhiker always a hitchhiker." And so he set of getting rides from people he had never met. Until one day he was approached by a man who offered him a job at Nakesh Alliance Extractions where he still works to this day.