Csilla (System)

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Csilla System.png
General information
Sector Csilla
Galactic Coordinates (-320, 200)
Date of Discovery Before record-keeping began
Planets 5
Suns 1
Moons 0
Asteroid Fields 0
Space Stations 2
Population 5,421,858,726
Controlled By New Republic
Astrographic Entry Csilla


The first system in the Unknown Regions to be discovered. It is the home of the Chiss Race and their collected knowledge of the Unknown Regions (stored in the Chiss Expeditionary Library).


Planet Position Type Size Population Controller
Csorb (3, 6) cold/breathable 5x5 4,948,488 New Republic
Repplic (14, 14) gas giant 11x11 43,688,521 New Republic
Formac (3, 19) cold/breathable 11x11 2,093,613 New Republic
Csilla (6, 14) cold/breathable 11x11 5,371,128,104 New Republic
Csilla Sun (12, 7) sun 30,30 0 None
Cessed (12, 8) hot/no atmosphere 5x5 0 None