Damask Clan

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Damask Clan
Oro y plata (Gold and Silver)
Historical Information
FounderCaar Damask
EstablishedYear 14 Day 15
General information
Current headHugo Damask
MembersHugo Damask, Insurik Damask
HeadquartersDamask Holdings Superspire
Networth100,000,000 Credits
AffiliationIntergalactic Banking Clan, House Valeo of the Avance Coalition
HolositeDamask Holdings

The Damask clan was a prominent Muun family of Muunilinst. In the last centuries of the Galactic Republic, the Damask clan was involved with both the InterGalactic Banking Clan and Damask Holdings.

The first known member of the clan was Hugo, clan father of Caar Damask. Caar was a member of long standing in the Banking Clan, who, both as a favor to High Officer Mals Tonith and in hopes of advancing a career that had stalled and kept him in middle management, became the administrator of Mygeeto and its crystal mines at some point during the 9th century of the Great Peace of the Republic period. Ten years after his arrival on Mygeeto, Damask was manipulated into meeting his future codicil wife by the Bith Rugess Nome. Hugo Damask—named after his grandfather—was born on Mygeeto in due course.

Hugo talking to a business partner

Insurik Damask was born on Muunilist to Damask Holdings founder Caar Damask and his wife Se'em Damask. Insurik was able to spend more time with the Banking Clan than Hugo at first but then Insurik left to follow other passions leaving Hugo the sole heir to Damask Holdings. Hugo contacted Insurik about 2 standard galactic years ago and asked for him to come back and help with the family business. Since then Hugo and Insurik has formed a family bond stronger than durasteel and Damask Holdings has never been better. Hugo Damask is 5 years older than Insurik.

Damask Holdings

Damask Holdings is a clandestine financial group closely allied to the InterGalactic Banking Clan, which also acted as a lobbying and political pressure organization that involved itself in the affairs of many planets, both to exploit local resources—such as plasma—for financial gain, and to gain influence on a galactic scale. Damask Holdings was owned and run by Magister Hego Damask, a Muun of the Damask clan A dozen Muuns, including operating officer Insurik Damask, made up the group.

Around the year 14 D90 , Damask Holdings acquired one of Harnaidan's most magnificent superspires. The company, although recently founded, had already left its mark on the galaxy. In the year 14 D118 Hugo Damask contacted Ali Xen and Damask Holdings and TatrisGroup Investments merged to create a powerhouse in the Galactic trading arena.