Damask Holdings

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Damask Holdings
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General Information
Motto Passion, Service, Excellence
Status Active
Leader Hugo Damask
2IC Insurik Damask
Owner Hugo Damask, Insurik Damask, Ali Xen
Headquarters Damask Holdings Superspire
Historical Information
Formed from Damask Clan
Founded Y14 D40
Political Information
Affiliation Echani Remnant,

Intergalactic Banking Clan

Industry items
Holosite Damask Holdings


Damask Holdings is a clandestine financial group closely allied to the InterGalactic Banking Clan, which also acted as a lobbying and political pressure organization that involved itself in the affairs of many planets, both to exploit local resources—such as plasma—for financial gain, and to gain influence on a galactic scale. Damask Holdings was owned and run by Magister Hego Damask, a Muun of the Damask clan A dozen Muuns, including operating officer Insurik Damask, made up the group.

Around the year 14 D90 , Damask Holdings acquired one of Harnaidan's most magnificent superspires. The company, although recently founded, had already left its mark on the galaxy. In the year 14 D118 Hugo Damask contacted Ali Xen and Damask Holdings and TatrisGroup Investments merged to create a powerhouse in the Galactic trading arena

Damask Superspire

The Damask Holdings superspire was the headquarters of Damask Holdings, the clandestine financial group founded by Hugo Damask. Located in the city of Harnaidan on the planet Muunilinst, the skyscraper, one of Harnaidan's most magnificent, was acquired by Damask Holdings c. 120 BBY, and housed the company's twice-weekly meetings in the two-hundredth floor boardroom for at least 50 standard years

Although smaller than the superspires used by the InterGalactic Banking Clan, the Damask Superspire was constructed close to the largest geothermal lake in Harnaidan, which had been incorporated into the property as an exclusive spa. The boardroom used by Damask Holdings for its twice-weekly board meetings was located on a setback of the two-hundredth floor. From there, the chief officers and executives of Damask Holdings had access to a view of the lake and surrounding hot springs.

Old Superspire
The Old Superspire

A Range of Services

  • Construction:

Damask offers to it's clients the construction of Luxury Space Colonies, along with Trading I and Trading II stations

  • Items:

Items can also be provided to those wishing to use their services. The most prominent being both Vacuum and Thermal survival equipment.

  • Weapons:

Suited to the day to day running of galaxy life, Damask Holdings offer a range of Pistols, Blaster Rifles and Exotic Weapons. They also deal in Melee Weapons for those wishing to get up close and personal.

  • Ships:

They also offer a range of Fighters and Corvettes