Danaan Porter

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Danaan Porter
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Deep Space
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance


Has short military cropped hair. He wears armor for combat and always has a weapon handy. He can always be found with cadres of mercenaries or droids. He is kind and likes to help people when he can.

Early Years

Born on a freighter in deep space, somewhere far from the core, Danaan Porter had a natural affinity for the element (or lack thereof), that he was born to. By the age of ten he was already capable of flying most kinds of freighters and by the age of 16 he was considered to be one of the most talented pilots in the business.

Naturally, growing up surrounded by freighter captains, smugglers, down on their luck merchants and fellow pilots, Danaan quickly grew accustomed to the bitter truth of the galaxy, the strong took what they wanted and did what they wanted unless someone stronger forced them to stop. Pirates ran rampant, killing several of his friends and comrades, he quickly came to the conclusion that someone more powerful than the pirates needed to deal with them, but on the fringes of the galaxy beings with the power to do that were mostly outlaws, pirates themselves or just had more pressing worries, like making sure the spice run that was coming in this morning was 'diverted' to a privately owned station somewhere.

Disgusted by the corruption, and determined not to see anymore of his friends die, Danaan decided to try and do something himself, he joined the imperial academy to learn to fight, but his rough, uneducated spacefarer ways drew fire from the teachers and his fellow students. Dropping out of the academy, Danaan tried to find someone who could help him fight the corruption in the outer rim.

Later Life

Depressed, Danaan started his return to the outer rim a year later, having found no one willing to teach him or help him to fight the corruption in the outer rim, he'd tried to teach himself to fight, among the things he tried to learn were blaster skills, he'd done this by setting up a range in his ship. It had worked, but he now had several large burn holes in his ship from the times he'd forgotten to set the power setting to low after replacing the power pack. Distracted by a strange noise coming from the inside of his ship, he wasn't strapped in when his ship was pulled violently from hyperspace, he was slammed against the bulkhead, falling unconscious immediately he had no time to wonder about what had happened.

Danaan woke up several hours later, climbing slowly to his feet and taking care not to touch his head, he made his way to the view port. The sight that confronted his eyes was incredible, he'd been pulled out of hyper by the remains of a highly damaged interdictor, but it wasn't the interdictor that grabbed his attention, it was the drifting hulks all around it, he'd stumbled upon a battlefield. Counting the hulks quickly, Danaan estimated that there were at least twenty capital ship wrecks just floating in space alongside a myriad of smaller frigates, missile boats and starfighter clouds.

Danaan was fired up, he'd known that finding people to help him and teach him had never been his greatest challenge, pirates often had large, powerful ships that could blow freighters such as his, out of the sky in mere seconds, Danaan was not rich by any stretch of the imagination and he would not become part of the very thing he was trying to destroy by stealing a capital ship. Now he had access to one of the largest collections of capital ships he had ever seen, slowly, an idea started to form in his mind. Danaan returned to the core, there he found a salvager who he knew to be trustworthy, explaining the situation Danaan told the salvager that if he could help Danaan fix just one ship using parts from the others, he would be allowed to take the rest. The salvager jumped at the opportunity, within 5 weeks Danaan had his ship, a refit Belarus Medium Cruiser.

Before Danaan left for the outer rim the salvager gave him a hefty sum of credits in return for the tip that would make his company one of the foremost in the system. Danaan greatfully accepted the credits and used them to buy himself a battalion of B1 battle droids, and hire a crew of mercenaries to help him fly his new ship.

Returning to the outer rim Danaan quickly made a name for himself, there were very few pirates with a ship strong enough

A Target?

Several months after Danaan had started his crusade, he encountered a group of mandalorians staying on a planet in a nearby system. After a few enquiries (and a helping hand in a bar fight) he discovered that they had been hired to eradicate a particularly troublesome group of pirates from a nearby asteroid field, offering his assistance, Danaan was quickly enamored by the rough, guts and glory lifestyle led by the mandalorians and he rapidly noticed himself copying them. The leader of the mandalorians, a man known as simply Mandalore took notice of this and told Danaan that anyone could be a "mando" if they so desired, but it was what they did that made others acknowledge them as such. Danaan was thrilled to learn that the mandalorians thought of him as having mando-like qualities and he strives to live up to the expectations held by these legendary warriors.

Unfortunately Danaan quickly grew a target on his back, the pirates, corrupt governors and other such scum of the galaxy were not quite as appreciative of his actions as the smugglers and freight captains were, bounty hunters started coming after him, pirates staged ambushes, ports were no longer open to him for repair. Danaan had found himself trapped, and once his new mandalorian comrades left, he knew he was in trouble, but then something happened that would change Danaans life forever. The Smuggler's Guild had taken notice of his actions, seeing that what he was doing benefitted them, they offered him a safe port, a home base, credits to continue paying his mercenaries and maintain his droids, and a place to repair his ship. In return all they asked was that Danaan occasionally help them protect some of their own from pirates. Danaan agreed.

Nowadays Danaan still hunts pirates, but he no longer has to stress himself to do it, he has a large information system in place. Ships ready to set off at a moments notice, and he has taken to being a mandalorian. With enough credits to rebuy his ship, acquire several battalions of droids and mercenaries, and still bribe his way out of any trouble with the so called “law” that he might get into, Danaan has become a recognized power by those that frequent the outer rim.

Singapore Station


Founded by Danaan Porter in deep space, this Ataturk station is located conveniently close by Dark Redoubt which is a Golan II defense platform. Also located nearby is a trading station for the galaxy at large. While it is deep in interplanetary space, no expense is spared on accommodations.

Singapore Station is a free trade station with commerce for all. There is a standing security force of nearly a battalion of battle droids. As long as the guest does not have ill intent they have nothing to fear though. Singapore is actually a welcoming place away from all governmental authority and a great place for exchanging items, information or anything else.

It's full location is:

Galactic Position: (-18, -100) System Position: (10, 0)