Dante Prechner

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Dante Prechner
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Deceased
Father Deceased
Spouse Bastila Prechner
Siblings Kayla Prechner
Children Marcus Prechner, Clare Prechner, Davin Prechner
Born Year -12
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.78 meters
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Corporate Alliance, Haven Recycling Corporation, Confederacy of Independent Systems
Positions Reclaim Architect



Dante was born on Tatooine, but his family moved to Mandalore soon after he was born. He had a good first few years, living a well life on Mandelore until he was five. His mother passed away after giving birth to his sister Kayla, and after that things went bad for Dante. His father deserted the Mandalorian culture, becoming a trouble maker, always fight, drinking and arguing. By the age of seven, Dante ran away from home and lived on the streets.

Teen Years

Knowing really nothing of Mandalorian culture, Dante worked odd jobs in factories, creating weapon and armor. He also did odd jobs in repair even went as low as stealing. Then a Mandalorian by the name of Grathan, seen the way he was living, invited Dante to live with him. Grathan was like a real father to the young man, teaching him to become a true mandalorian warrior, focusing on honor. Dante was invited to join Grathan's clan as well his mercenary team.

Beginning Of Adult years

Living with Grathan and the rest of his clan, Dante traveled the whole galaxy, working on tracking high value targets or frigate hijacking. Then it ended his clan got a job to take out a Black Star Pirate lieutenant, a Hutt by the name Zach. It was a trap, as they went into take him out, they were ambushed.

The entire clan was killed, except Dante and Grathan. They fought all the way back to their ship. They thought they had gotten away, when a pirate came out of hyper. They were boarded and Garth sacrificed himself for Dante, jumping infront of a bullet meant for Dante. Dante was able to defeat the pirates, but Grathan died in his arms. His final words "You have become a great Mandalorian. You made me proud to be your father." Dante hypered back to Mandalore. After digging a grave for his fallen comrades, he went out to seek his real father. Unfortunately, he was too late to get any answers he desired. His father had been killed in a civil war battle while Dante was offworld. His sister was no where to be found.

Present Day

Dante joined the Corporate Alliance in Year 9 and worked in the Defense department. He worked through the ranks, proving himself along the way and was promoted to Deputy Minister of Defense in Year 10. He still spends his free time looking for his sister. In Year 11, after the war on Mitillian, Dante met a beautiful human named Bastila in a local tavern as he awaited pick up after being shot down while trying to defend an Alliance Capital ship that was under assault. They were married afew months later and have had 3 children.

Awards and Commendations

Corporate Alliance


Tour of Duty Medal

Saul Cohmre

Year 11 Day 167

The Tour of Duty Medal the basic service award based of Years of Service in the Alliance or one of its Affiliate Factions.


Super Participation Award of Merit‏

Siejo Kutol

Year 11 Day 174

Alliance members who prove to be... around... alot... are given the honor of this award.