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Danuta Planet.png
System Colavas
Sector Halla
Galactic Coordinates (326, 132)
System Coordinates (13, 2)
Astrographic Entry Danuta
Type Cold/Breathable
Primary Terrain: Glacier
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population 487,931 inhabitants
Controlled By Holowan Mechanicals
Governor Gand Xitwa

Danuta is a planet of the Colavas System, located in the northeastern corner of the Halla Sector. The atmosphere, though breathable, is extraordinarily cold due to the planets entire surface being covered by a very thick and dense layer of ice. Thick enough to provide stable foundation for many architectural designs, the gargantuan glaciers of Danuta are too unstable for the larger structures that are common place on other inhabited planets. The planet's rare raw material deposits historically proved to be a cornerstone of the planet's economy and continues to be its leading industry, despite Holowan Mechanicals moving its corporate headquarters to the oldest city, Trid. Though under the protection of the Resistance's military presence, Holowan Mechanical is currently implementing extensive planetary projects to promote business, culture, and advancements in security and prosperity for its inhabitants.



Danuta Flag 3D.png

Official Flag of Planetary Government

Danuta Map Small.png

Map of Responsibility Centers

Federal Government

Officially recognized as the Republic of Danuta, the planetary government consists of five provinces known as Responsibilities and one city that serves as the seat of the Government. Each Responsibility elects a representative, known as a Councilor, that serves a one year term in the Federal Government's Legislative Branch. Though each Responsibility has its own courts for lesser legal proceedings, the Judicial Branch consists of five High Magistrates from each of the five Responsibilities. Ruling from the capital city of Novuspatria, the Executive Branch of the government is led by the office of Governor.

Provinces: Responsibilities

Responsibilities are self-governing provinces led by Aldermen that can trace their origins to the previous five districts of Church of Reansucru's Shades:

  • Trid: The largest of the Responsibilities in terms of population, it can trace its origins back to the White Shade of the Force. Trid is known for its structure and sense of duty and as such is a leading force in the government's military forces.
  • Edarewop: The largest of the Responsibilities in terms of size, Edarewop serves as the agricultural leader providing much of the planet's sustainable food sources. Many citizens of this Responsibility naturally trace their faith back to the Green Shade.
  • Padarrel: Known for its adherence to the Red Shade, Padarrel is easily the entertainment capital of Danuta. There are more entertainment venues, whether sports, holovid, theatre, music, and gambling than all other Responsibilities on Danuta combined.
  • Iddorink: In terms of size, Iddorink is the smallest of the Responsibilities in terms of land mass, but it holds a crucial role as the planets center of academia. With historical inclination towards the Blue Shade, many technological and academic break throughs have originated from this Responsibility.
  • Oletop: Though one of the smaller Responsibilities, Oletop traces much of its culture and customs back to the Black Shade serving as a hotbed for both political and criminal ventures. Because of this, many powerful and infamous individuals have risen from this Responsibility.