Darruiv Deccoltt

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Darruiv Deccoltt
Biographical Information
Race Iktotchi
Homeworld Iktotch
Marital Status Single
Born Year -7 Day 187
Languages Iktotchese
Galactic Basic
Quote "Misfortune nobly born is good fortune"
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.02 meters
Coloring Rusty Dark Salmon to Sandy Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Affiliation Tion Hegemony
Rank Star Captain Adjunct

Darruiv Deccoltt (born Year -7 Day 187) is a male Iktotchi currently serving the Tion Hegemony. Stoic for even an Iktotchi, Darruiv keeps mostly to himself. Trusting few, he tries not to shut himself off from the rest of the galaxy but that is a constant battle. As most Iktotchi leave their homeworld their intuition usually wanes and this was the case with Darruiv as he went out into the galaxy. Even though, he always trusted his "gut" and it's been right so far.


An orphan, Darruiv Deccoltt grew up in the slums of Iktochi, too proud to beg but not proud enough to avoid stealing. Darruiv became a proficient thief, learning to fly by stealing anything that had an engine. One of the local gangs took an interest in him and soon he was working for a chop shop as their top earner. Soon he graduated into smuggling due to his growing piloting skills.

The underworld of Iktochi lost interest for him. He had an unusual yearning to see more of the Galaxy. Darruiv joined a shipping company who taught him the business and gave him a chance to pilot the more exotic ships. During an otherwise uneventful transport job, Darruiv was attacked by pirates. It was the first time he had ever armed any ship's weapons. After destroying two of the attackers, the last managed to board his craft. The streets had taught him well and the boarders were soon dispatched.

This first taste of real space combat changed him. Soon after that he applied for the military in the Tion Hegemony.