David Kellar

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David Kellar
Biographical Information
Race Human
Died Late Year 8
Physical Description
Gender male
Hair Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Prior Affiliation Rebel Alliance


David Kellar was a charismatic idealist in the New Republic and a member of the Rebel Alliance and then the New Republic.

He served in the New Republic Diplomatic Command, eventually earning the title of Pro-Consul and was a Lieutenant in the New Republic Navy. He served as an Academy Dean and Mentor, Chief Executive Officer of Kerdos Corporation, and a variety or other small jobs for the New Republic and Rebel Alliance.

He was murdered by Beauba Fettt under the orders of Adam A Flynn for his moral opposition to Adam's illegal and unprincipled attempts at moving the New Republic away from its principled core. hat I believe when there is a situation of right and wrong, justice should be sought above convenience and power. We should do what is right over what is expedient. Principles matter, they are what make us different from the rest of the galaxy. People call me an idealist, and they are right. I want the “ideal” in all situations, however I do know that can’t usually happen and in practice am rather pragmatic. I do however approach each situation saying what is the best possible outcome and we should try to achieve that. I have personally seen people do amazing thing defying the accepted limits just because they were willing to look at a problem and say “I think I can do better.”

During the Black Sun coup, Kellar was taken prisoner by Beauba Fettt and Segei Korolev, and eventually executed.

On Year 8 Day 362, High Ambassador Jake Azzameen gave to Consul Benjamin Kellar - son of David - the Republic Heart with the following motivation: "On behalf of High Ambassador Akim and the RDC, it is with great sorrow and sadness, that I am presenting you a Republic Heart for your father's fatal, but exemplary service to the New Republic in function as a representative of the RDC."