Denton Dabbs

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Denton Dabbs
Denton Dabbs.png
Biographical Information
Race Arcoduros
Homeworld Cona
Physical Description
Gender Male
Eye Color Gold
Political Information
Affiliation Silviut Corporation, Sith Imperium, Dabbs Defense Force
Positions Classified
Prior Affiliation Tion Hegemony, Leafar Group,Crimson Veil,Trade Federation,Astralwerks Engineering,Toskan Industries,The Antarian Rangers

Denton Dabbs is an Arcoduros Male. He is known to be kept to himself. At a young age he was recruited into The Antarian Rangers, and left his homeplanet of Cona.


After being pressured by all his friends, Denton left his homeworld of Cona on his YT-1210 "ARCO-82" on Year 9 Day 16 to join the Antarian Rangers, where he quickly rose in rank, and led the Supply Support and Transportation department. While in the Antarian Rangers, Denton had trained to join the Navy, and received minor training for the Antarian Ranger's Marshall. As a way to keep friendly relations with the New Republic, Denton was sent to aid Toskan Industries, a prominent item production company, owned by the New Republic. Denton worked as a Production Manager for Toskan Industries, until Black Sun infiltrators within the high ranks of the New Republic felt threatened by Denton's quick progression through Toskan Industries, and had him exiled to Tatooine.

While on Tatooine, Denton found a recruiter for the Trade Federation inside a cantina. Denton quickly joined up with the Trade Federation, and grabbed the next shuttle to Asrat, where he was assigned AAT Pilot within the Trade Federation Army. Denton served a term piloting an AAT for the Trade Federation, and after the term was up, Denton received a message from his dear friend Machiezmo Juggalo, informing him that he was planning on starting up a recycling company: Crimson Veil, that had the support of Tion Hegemony, and offered Denton a job as the Head of Production. Time went on, working the factories on the moon Panna Prime, but during Denton's spare time, he began a secondary project, setting up a hidden Deep Space Base close by the Panna system, in this base, Denton constructed a Trading Class 2 Space Station, as well as an Ataturk Defense Station. Denton gathered resources, and developed his own fleet, and named it the "Dabbs Defense Force", or DDF for short. During this time, Denton received word from CEO Machiezmo Juggalo, that Crimson Veil just received two gas giants, Leafar and Leafar II. Denton set out to go help develop these newly found planets, in the lonely Ploo sector.

Denton and Machiezmo set up a small production base within the Leafar system, but alas, interest in the Crimson Veil Recycling Group was dwindling from investors, and Crimson Veil had to close its doors, leaving the two gas giants in the hands of Aurodium Legion. During this time, Denton became a wanderer, dazed and confused of what to do next, and returned home, to his space base. Denton went on with life, until one day, he received a hefty donation from an anonymous source, 100mil credits. Denton used half of the credits to build a personal shipyard in his hidden deep space base, and the other half went to resurrecting Crimson Veil, under a new name; Leafar Group. Denton knew he did not have the knowledge to lead a faction by himself, so he enlisted his dear friend Machiezmo, and begged of him to lead Leafar Group to success, and so he did. Denton back at work by Machiezmo's side, continued to build up the planet Leafar, so that one day it's citizens could thrive.

Time went on, Denton's workers produced his new flagship, a Corona-class ship "DDF Mandalhead". Later that evening, in an unfortunate accident, half of Leafar's workers were killed during a party to celebrate Leafar Group's success, by an unexplained explosion in the lower deck of the luxury yacht that the party was taking place on. With half of the workforce dead, Leafar Group was forced to close it's doors once again. Denton, at first tried to enlist the help of his former allies, The Antarian Rangers, to help protect the planet from pirates, and other such nefarious groups, but it was too late, the damage had already been done. Denton, saddened by the loss of the civilization that he'd helped grow on the planet of Leafar, lived quietly in the ruins of the fallen civilization for awhile, until one day, he decided to go back to his friends at Tion Hegemony. Denton was welcomed back into Tion with open arms, and quickly placed into Tion's Military, under the First Fleet. Denton spent a few years in First Fleet, rising to the rank of Commodore, and named as XO of First Fleet, but by Year 19, Denton had a change of heart regarding his position and stepped down, retiring from all official duties and joining Tion Mil/Sci to spend the rest of his days in.

One day Dabbs then decided to join the Silviut Corporation.