Derek Elensar

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Load Supervisor Derek Elensar
Biographical Information
Race Duros
Homeworld Duro
Mother Seija Kataan
Father Inaad Diablo
Spouse None
Siblings Jiosu`x Havyx(Half-Brother), Michael Schmitt(Adoption), Kai Gurago(Adoption)
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5' 8" by humanoid standards
Coloring Blue
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Kaos Resource Excavations
Rank [O-1] Load Supervisor
Positions Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, First Sergeant, Gunnery Sergeant, Logistics Veteran
Awards KSF Badge, Operation Spearhead Ribbon

Derek Elensar is a Duros male.


Derek was born on his home planet Duro in the major city of Rrudobar under the name of Derek Diablo. His father, Inaad Diablo was a traveller, and met Derek's mother, Seija Kataan. They got together and had Derek. His mother died in birth, so Derek lived with his father who trained him to be a pilot in the early days. Soon, though, his father abandoned him, as he was a traveler. Derek wanted to go, but was forbidden from going with his father. Many years later, he recieved news that his father had been killed in what the Galactic Empire called a "freak accident." The so-called accident consisted of Empire forces apparently "quelling a rebellion in a factory," even though Inaad had never travelled to any Rebel planets(although there was a major force of Empire activity that went on on Duro). Derek never trusted the Empire in the first place, and this just pushed him over the edge. He declared a personal vow to despise the Empire until the day of his death, and continued his life.

A while later, while Derek was exploring around, he met Jerac Elensar, who took him in as his own. Sooner down the road Jerac officially adopted Derek and he changed his last name from diablo to Elensar. This lasted for a while until Jerac died. He then lived in the Elensar house with Draven Elensar (deceased), Saedrial Elensar, and Tyris Elensar.

Soon, a close friend of Derek's, Jamis Argetlam, sent word to Derek saying that his organization needed help and wanted to know if Derek could come and help. Wanting to help his friend, Derek Accepted, and went to the Kaos Galactica Federation headquarters to request to join. He was accepted into Kaos and was put where they had needed him the most, the military infrastructure. He was recruited in at the rank of Corporal.

After some time, Derek met someone that would add many chapters to his life. This man was a Selkath by race, so Derek figured they had nothing in common. His name was Jiosu`x Havyx. Later, Derek and Jio went to a bar to grab a drink when they were off-duty. They started talking, and eventually shared life stories. When Jiosu`x heard the name of Inaad Diablo, he jumped with a start, informing Derek that Inaad Diablo was also HIS father. They traced back Inaad's lineage to make sure it was the same Inaad that they were talking about and soon enough, they found out that Inaad, being a traveller, had seen many places and many faces. Jiosu`x and Derek were half-brother by blood now, and this strengthened their bond as friends.

Derek worked for Kaos Federaion Defense until it switched over to the name Kaos Star Federation. At that time in his career, he had almost left Kaos, and went freelance due to some personal issues. After having these issues resolved quickly and cleanly, Derek asked for a transfer. He was always a pilot. There were rumors that he was even born on a ship, but nobody knows the exact story.

Derek requested his transfer when he was the rank of [E-9] Gunnery Sergeant. He was transferred to Logistics at the rank of [E-10] Logistics Veteran. Soon afterwards, after showing hard work and dedication, he was promoted to the rank of [O-1] Load Supervisor, his current title.

At the present time, he lives in two different houses. he lives with his first adopted faimly, the Elensars, whose last name he has decided to keep permanently, in memory of Jerac Elensar. The other household he lives under is one comprised of 4 people, including himself. These people are Derek Elensar, Kai Gurago, Michael Schmitt, and Jiosu`x Havyx. He still holds the title of [O-1] Load Supervisor and works for Kaos Resource Excavations.