Desto Drake

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Desto Drake
Biographical Information
Race Sakiyan
Homeworld Sakiya
Born Year -9 Day 93
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.75 meters
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Positions Associate Minister of Droids and Items
Prior Affiliation SoroSuub Corporation & Incom Corporation
Awards Executive's Citation (2), Outstanding Excellence, Production Supplier

Desto Drake is deceased.


Incom Corporation

Desto joined SoroSuub Corporation only a few months before the New Republic's nationalized shipwright firm were amalgamated into Incom Corporation. Working his way up the corporate ladder, Desto had reached the rank of 0-4 by the end of his third month in the company. Awarded with the Production Supplier Award, the most prestigious available civilian operations award involving production, for his work in that short time the young Sakiyan was destined for much more. With the ousting of future Ghtroc Industries founder Jace Tracken as second-in-command, Desto naturally walked into the open Chief Administrative Officer position. His time as the CAO didn't last long however. A mere month after becoming the CAO, Desto was promoted to Chief Executive Officer after former leader Hodniwa Stone left Incom Corporation. Assuming the reins, Desto slowly began to implement changes in the operation of Incom in order to maximize efficiency. Desto remained with Incom for roughly a year before being promoted to the Associate Minister of Droids and Items (AMoDI), a New Republic position under the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

During his tenure as CEO of Incom Corporation Desto became the governor of the Orto system located in the Sluis sector and took over ownership of Phoenix Recycling Corporation along with Dabrickashaw Jones.

New Republic

Shortly after having made the switch from leading a nationalized subsidiary to a position within the New Republic, Desto decided to branch out into politics and launched a campaign to run for the New Republic Senate.

The Demise

Shortly before the looming senate voting had begun Desto's ship was reported to have been destroyed in the Sullust sun.

Phoenix Recycling Corporation

Phoenix Recycling Corporation was a Private Sector Affiliate of the New Republic as well as a part of the Arkanian Conglomerate which, at the time, included Arkanian Trade Syndicate, SarShen Spaceworks, and Phoenix Recycling Corporation. In the collective effort to make the Arkanian Conglomerate more efficient, Phoenix Recycling Corporation was sold by Drake and Jones. The sale of SarShen soon followed, along with the re-designation of the Arkanian Trade Syndicate into the Arkanian Royal Engineers.

Career History

  • SoroSuub Corporation, Junior Pilot
  • Incom Corporation, Junior Pilot
  • Incom Corporation, Specialist
  • Incom Corporation, Chief Administrative Officer (Director of Northern Operations)
  • Incom Corporation, Chief Executive Officer
  • New Republic, Governor (Orto)
  • New Republic, Associate Minister of Droids and Items


Centrepoint Marketplace

  • Trade Value: 164,586,000
  • Buy Value: 10,480,000
  • Sell Value: 154,106,000
  • Average: 6,583,440 / trade
  • Ranking: Total: 100%
  • Positive: 25 (100%)
  • Neutral: 0 (0%)
  • Negative: 0 (0%)