Dini'la Kyr'am

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The Dini'la Kyr'am
Production information
Galactic registry ID# 402678
Production date Day 82 of Year 16 (CGT)
Class Capital
Model Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser
Manufacturer Unknown
Technical specifications
Length 600 meters
Speed Hyperdrive: 1.0
Sublight: 20 MGLT
Armament Turbolaser (10)
Heavy Laser (90)
Standard systems Docking bay (1)
Hangar bay (1)
Docking port (1)
Escape pod (6)
Modified systems Exterior paint scheme
Crew 1,400 (standard)
600 (skeleton)
Cargo capacity 3,750 tons (varied by installed modules)
Commissioned Year 16 (CGT) as Babylon
Year 16 (CGT) as the Dini'la Kyr'am
Role(s) Espionage
Fleet Victor o`Cuinn's Armada.
Affiliation Gree Trade Authority/Gree Mining Authority
Owner(s) Victor o`Cuinn

Victor o`Cuinn won the Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser Babylon on Day 291 of the 16 year, from Looma Karwt's raffle. Looma had aquired the ship from The Empire of the Hand to raffle for them Shortly after receiving the ship Victor renamed her and hired Charlena Halo to paint her in Victor's traditional colors. The Dini'la Kyr'am now sits with in the Gree system as one of Victor's flag ships and for added protection for the system.

Known Owners

Looma Karwt
Victor o`Cuinn
The Empire of the Hand