Dorn Ambrose

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Dorn Ambrose
Dorn Ambrose 2.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Diathim
Homeworld Kashyyyk
Died Year 14
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Prior Affiliation

Dorn Ambrose was a Wookiee known as "Ryn Man" on Kashyyyk. He later encountered variant of the Metamorphosis Plague which changed his DNA to that of a Diathim. He re-branded himself Dorn shortly after.


He had traveled under the name Ryn Man until the early part of Year 14 he was afflicted with a variant of the Metamorphosis Plague that transformed him into a Diathim. It was after this transformation that he also changed his name to that of Dorn Ambrose. His primary reason for changing his name was to prevent confusion, many seemed to believe upon hearing his former name he was a member of the Ryn species and this caused some concern for him.

While still under the name of Ryn Man, Dorn became an indentured servant to the Hutt Finar Ambrose. After serving him for quite some time, he approached Finar about the possibility of earning his freedom. Finar considered the proposition, not wanting to loose a valued asset, but understanding Dorn's desire. Finar told Dorn that if he could recover a rather rare ship for him with high sentimental value from hostile enemy territory he would allow him to not only leave, but to adopt the use of his own surname, Ambrose, as his own. After several months of work, Dorn was able to successfully recover Finar's ship and deliver it to a predetermined neutral drop off point; at this time Finar upheld his end of the bargain, releasing Dorn and allowing him to take his name as his own.

Dorn was killed in the last quarter of Year 14. It is not known at this time who killed him.