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Thresk Updated Holo Boi.png
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Marital Status Single
Born Year -6 Day 169
Languages Cheunh, Sy Bisti, Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.88m 6'2"
Weight 104kg 229lbs
Coloring Blue
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Rank Junior Lineman, E-1, Black Sun
Positions Sales Manager, Black Sun
Engineering and Design of Spacecraft and Armamament
Consilio of the Nocturnal Palace
Prior Affiliation Mecrosa Order

Endless Endeavors

Drath're'skal more commonly known by the abbreviated version of 'Thresk' was born on Year -6, Day 169 on Csilla where he'd spent much of his youth. Born into a family of Chiss Naval Officers, Drath're'skal was groomed by his parents to become the pinnacle of what a soldier can achieve. Striving to fulfill his parents' wishes, he's constantly on the lookout for new challenges, aiming at eventually reaching the position of the Galaxy's number one warrior.


Youth on Csilla

The vast majority of Thresk's childhood had been directly affected by the family he had been born into. His parents, two distinguished naval officers in the Csillan military, had done everything in their power to ensure that their only son would meet their high expectations, and exceed them. Where other children had spent time playing, socializing, and enjoying the carefree lifestyle of the underaged, Thresk would have his body honed in ways both mental and physical. Knowing no other lifestyle than the one of constant austere personal improvement, he'd pour over books written by the great generals of old, train his body to reach peak athletic performance, and cultivate his abilities regarding combat, both at a distance and at close range.

At 8 years of age, Thresk had enlisted into the Chiss Academy on Csilla, well eager to test himself against his peers in what his father had considered a staple form of education for future military progeny. Thanks to his unique upbringing, he would excel across the board, accruing highest marks whenever possible. There was not one recruit in his unit that would be accustomed to such training intensity as exhibited by himself, routinely. However, what he made up for in efficiency, he lacked in empathy and social skills. Almost like a machine, he found himself unable to properly handle more difficult social interactions between himself and his classmates, due to him having little to no experience in that regard whatsoever. Despite these handicaps, he graduated with straight As and was soon given his own squad to command.

The Krayt and the Pearl

Thresk's capabilities would soon earn him endless praise from the instructors. It would not be uncommon for him to outperform his teachers on the regular, pulling off stunts and feats other students could only dream of. Soon, he'd gathered a small group of adorators and followers that would watch his every footstep, either in blind awe, or in an attempt to learn from him. His ego had grown exponentially and there was nothing to challenge him. In his pride, he'd called in a vacationand set out for Tatooine to further cement his fame with the biggest feat of his life: Hunting a Krayt Dragon.

Gathering a handful of his closest fans, Thresk would set out at earnest. The planet's hot climate proved difficult to handle for his fellow Chiss, but the conditioning they'd gone through would make them reach the den of the beast relatively unscathed.

What had followed was not as much of a hunt as it was a massacre. The Dragon had ultimately been felled, but not before killing most of his men outright and severely wounding Thresk in the process.

Upon returning home, Thresk's reputation shattered like glass. The image of a hard-working prodigy had been replaced with that of an overconfident fluke, responsible for the deaths of his colleagues. The two final nails in the coffin came in the form of his parents disowning him and him being expelled from the Academy. Ashamed and humbled, Thresk had set out to find his own place in the Galaxy.

Endless Endeavors

Thresk's path led him to a Gran known as Kez Aak, a man set on making the most out of every situation possible. Kez aimed to create a logistics group that could be relied upon by any being in the galaxy, no matter their stance on the war. Despite Thresk's recent arrival from the Unknown Regions, and his limited grasp of Basic, Kez had recognized the man's potential and extended an offer to him: He and a few others would enter employment under him and help Kez realize his dream. Together, they were able to create Endless Endeavors and it was during this time that Thresk discovered that life wasn't just military and combat.

Given the company's nature, Thresk was able to further develop his piloting skills as well as expand his knowledge of the hundreds of ships alien to the Csillan habitat. This led to him forming a hobby out of collecting the rarer and more unique ship models, as well as developing a passion for the mechanical.

For almost a year Thresk stayed in Endless Endeavors, demonstrating a desire to help establish the company as the Galaxy's premier transportation service. He would eventually achieve the role of Transport Lead, heading the entire division for Endless Endeavors. However, at that point, the fire of wanderlust was well ignited within Thresk. Wanting to see what else the galaxy had to offer, as well as utilize his other skills that he brought from Csilla, Thresk would leave Endless Endeavors late into Y18.


Shortly after his departure from Endless Endeavors, Thresk was offered a position in the Mecrosa Order and Mecrotica Conglomerate by Dominic von Black, Baron of House Black and the contemporaneous leader of the Mecrosa Order. Baron von Black had recognized Thresk as a formidable pilot, as well as someone who could find their way around capital ships. Once the man had learned that the Chiss was also very apt at combat situations, Thresk was tasked with the responsibility of maintaining the Mecrosa space safe for business against pirates and internal threats.

Thresk's time in Mecrotica would end rather abruptly, however. He was called in to perform a strike against an illegal weapons deal occurring at a fuel depot one night. What had initially looked like a simple bust quickly went south when the dealers, tipped off on the operation, opened fire on the gunships led by Thresk. His PES was critically struck and crashed near a fuel container, igniting an explosion. Although Thresk would survive the incident, both his arms would be rendered beyond salvation. Not content on spending his life as a cripple, he would contact doctor Lore Matsu of Xucphra and ask him to replace the stumps with prototype cybernetic limbs. However, shortly after installation, Thresk had found out that his body had trouble integrating with the machinery. The arms would jerk, move around on their own and glitch out, rendering him potentially dangerous to everyone nearby. Realizing that his top officer had become a walking risk to himself and others, Dominic had laid him off preventively.

Black Sun

Once more travelling aimlessly across the Galaxy, Thresk would soon meet one Darin Byrch, then of Black Sun, who would reach out to Thresk to recruit him for the Family's goals. Although still not fully in control of using his cybernetics, Thresk still retained his considerable mechanical know-how of ships that had made him a valuable asset. This would grant Thresk a position in Shobquix Industries, under the leadership of Vigo Thrall Lothbrok.

Personality & Traits

Thresk's personality had at large been shaped by two factors: his upbringing up until the expulsion from the Academy, and his cybernetics. His parents had taught him to settle for nothing less than perfection, both in himself and others. This cold, meritocratic approach would leave him with little friends, but more than enough capable men under his wing. His military upbringing had made him a fearsome opponent in battle, but his mind is not without its flaws. Although initially humbled by the Krayt Dragon incident, Thresk's ego is still prone to over-inflation. The events surrounding his cybernetic implants have also left him traumatised and experiencing violent episodes. More recently, he's taken to pursuing his old dream of becoming the top soldier once more, a vision fueled by an ever-burning passion for improvement as well as a slightly obsessive personality.