DroMor Motors

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DroMor Motors
DroMor Darkness Logo Potential 01.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader CEO Evelyn Reighner
Headquarters Ibanjji System
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 21
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Industry Vehicle Manufacturer
Holosite Black Sun

While operating in the Ibanjji system as a nationalized business of the Black Sun syndicate, DroMor Motors leads the way in premier, yet luxurious, military vehicles. Focused on escorting the galaxies top dignitaries, their craftsmanship promises protection and safe delivery to the final destination.

From the production line forward, DroMor Motors' professionalism and quality are unmatched. With a militaristic organization, their management skills stand apart from all competition, creating an efficiency that is without reproach. With their distinct artistry and a constant inventiveness, their vehicles are the first line of proactive defense, ensuring no threat reaches the client.

Nothing is sacrificed in the hospitality and treatment of the DroMor customer. Going the extra mile, a DroMor vehicle means all clientele can complete their business free from distraction. Never will they be burdened by the reminder of the technology which protect them. They operate distinctly with the ‘Seen but not heard’ mentality.

Black Sun
Subsidiaries Gesenix Mining · Shobquix Yards
Allies Imperial Union Galactic Empire · The Faerytail Family · Tresario Star Kingdom
Other Allies
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