Droecil (Planet)

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Temperate breathable.png
System Droecil
Sector Boeus
Galactic Coordinates (38, -188)
System Coordinates (7, 5)
Astrographic Entry Droecil
Type Temperate / Breathable
Primary Terrain: Forest
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population 1,117,812,757 inhabitants (Year 18 Day 284)
Controlled By None
Governor None
Magistrate None
Sentient Races none

Droecil, located in the Expansion Region, is the only planet in the Droecil system of the Boeus sector that was newly discovered by Matubo Invincius on Day 124 of the Year 13. It is the proclaimed new home of the Freedom Warriors.[1]


Long time, the planet Droecil was an unknown planet aloof of all trade roots in The Galaxy. This changed with the discovery and settlement by the Freedom Warriors.[1]

For the most part, the planet is covered by large forests providing living space for a rich flora and fauna. On the southern hemisphere, the forests are less dense and dominated by wide areas of grasslands. Three smaller oceans can be found on the planet surface. Due to a global colonization project, newly founded and developing cities can be found all over the planet.

It has been announced that the planet will be shielded and becoming a restricted area.[1]