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Average Height1 meter [1]
Skin colorBrown, purple, gray, and red [1]
DistinctionsArms used as legs and legs used as arms [1]
Average lifespanUp to 75 standard years old [1]
Known MembersList of known Dug

Biology and Appearance

The Dugs have leathery skin which is smooth and some of it hangs loosely around their tall necks only to inflate during the mating season calls. They also possess fin-like ears, a pronounced snout and small beady eyes. They can easily walk on their hind legs, their forelegs, or all fours. They used their four hands to help them move through the trees of their homeworld of Malastare. Much of their language is punctuated with knuckle rapping and foot stomping. They are also slender, powerfully built beings with a somewhat humanoid build and a unique method of walking that hailed from the high gravity world Malastare. Their primary means of locomotion were their strong arms, and their lower limbs and feet were used for grappling and other fine motor manipulation. They hardly ever walked on their lower limbs. Although most Dugs may walk on all four limbs, others liked to use their strong arms as legs and their feet as hands like they would normally do.

Society and Culture

Dug society is insular and they turn into self-congratulatory braggarts. Well-known for being a disreputable lot and could often be found in dingy cantinas or dark alleys with all four arms into something illegal. However with a casual glance at their culture on Malastare you could be forgiven for thinking such stories were mere rumours. The arboreal Dugs lived in primitive villages in the trees called "tree thorps" and were seemingly in touch with nature, though their culture was actually filled with violence.

Due to their oppression under their Gran rulers who colonized Malastare many Dugs often felt the need to throw around their strength in bids to establish dominance. As a result they were known for their ill-tempered demeanour and many were known to be bullying thugs.

On their homeworld of Malastare the vast majority of Dugs were little more than laborers toiling for the enrichment of the Gran. With the species excluded from much of the power and money on Malastare many Dugs turned to podracing as their only means to achieve fame and fortune. In all other areas the Dugs were exploited and disenfranchised. Some even obtained transport off their homeworld to seek means of making their fortunes in less Gran dominated regions of the galaxy.

When it comes to mating season Dug mating is very reminiscent of some reptiles which may indicate their ancestry. The loose folds of skin around the males neck will inflate during the mating season showing a display of color. An interested female may pester or disturb a male in a few different ways until his balloon-neck deflates with a screech. After this the two are considered mated. Mates remain loyal to each other even though they may bully each other through their time together.

Because of their experiences with the Gran the Dugs are xenophobic. If they were seen off-planet they were often seen in groups of their own kind. Most Dugs in the galaxy were reportedly criminals or risk-takers which lead many Dugs into podracing and gambling.


In ancient times the Dugs were used to fight for their lives against the massive Zillo Beasts which were their primary predators. They eventually managed to use the planet's fuel reserves to kill off all of the known Zillo Beasts roaming on the planet. When the

When the Galactic Republic established an outpost on Malastare it was due to the key position of the Dug homeworld along the Hydian Way. Later a contingent of Gran colonists settled on the planet. First contact between the Gran and the Dugs was a bloody and a long brutal war ensued resulting in Gran victory due to their influence and power in the Galactic Senate.