Dupol Enterprises Ship List

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A list of Ships owned by Dupol Enterprises.


YT-1300. This was Bram's first ship. The 'Unreliable Witness'

YT-2000 'The Domino Effect', the fastest ship in the Dupol Enterprises Fleet.

Simiyiar-class Light Freighter 'The Startled Saint'.

BFF-1 Bulk Freighter Bram Dupol bought two, as one is never enough... 'Castor' and 'Pollox'.

Action VI Transport'The Foss'.

AA-9 Transport 'The Hanged Herglic'.

Brayl-class bulk freighter 'The Skiving Scholar'

Wayfarer-class Medium Transport. 'Gothar's Gift'. As the name suggests was a present from a friend.

Class 720 Freighter 'Andron's Angel'.

Crescent-X9 'The Obsidian Raptor'.

YT-2400. 'Herald Of Mercy'.

BR-23 Courier Dupol Enterprises own four, three were cheap the other one massively overpriced.

YG-4210 Fleet of Three built to order by INCOM.

Starwind-class Pleasure Yacht. 'Week Out From The Edge ' must go get this one.

RZ-68 Troop Transport. Bram's first CP Ship purchases, 3 Of them.

Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle An early Bram purchase. 'Lightness of Being'

Sprint-class rescue craft. 'Rescue Two & Strike Eagle One'

Starrunner Class 'Doctor Snooze'.

Corellian Star Shuttle 'The Resurgent Rebel'.

Spacelane Diner Two for 'Area '85.

Xanadu-class Superyacht 'The Ersatz Purrgil'.

J-type 327 Starship 'Taylar's Hope'.

GR-75 Medium Transport 'Reclaimed Hope'

YT-510 'Zephyr II' Replacing the NR he gave away.

Capital Ships

M-Class Mon Calamari Luxury Liner. Bram's first capital ship. Named 'The Old Seadog'.

Lictor-class Dungeon Ship Bram's largest ship purchase (45 Million credits)'The Manacled Monk'.


KR-4B Luxury Cruiser 'The Croissant'. The Current Duopl Enterprises Flag Ship.

Consular-class Cruiser. 'The Silken Fool'

YV-666. Dupol Enterprises owns one of these ships, the 'Quantuum Nightmare'.

CR-90 'Ohm'


Arquitens Light Cruiser. Has an interesting story to tell. Was paid for by a reward from the NR after Bram recovered a light sabre part on his first bandit kill. Named 'The Foolhardy Bandit ' in remembrance of the event.

Hammerhead Cruiser. Named 'The Directorate Diabolique'.

Quasar Fire-class Bulk Cruiser. One of the First ship purchases, cost Bram Almost two month's combined pay. Named the 'Solitude

Corona-class frigate 'The Dean's Daemon'

Nebulon-B Frigate 'The Sozzled Senator'

Fighters, Gunboats and small craft

Pursuer Enforcement Ship. 'Cerulean Squadron'.

Aggressor Assault Fighter. 'Crimson Squadron'

Aurek Tactical Strikefighter 'Snowflake Squadron'.

Firespray-class Interceptor 'Indigo Squadron'

S40K Phoenix Hawk-Class Light Pinnace 'Obsidian Squadron'.

X-ceptor 'Ugly Squadron'.

Toscan 8-Q. 'Alpha Flight'

N-1 Starfighter 'Sunburst Squadron'.

Cloakshape/H Fighter. 'Swift Death' a competition Prize from NR(Back in the Day!'

JM5000 'Starbug 1,2&3'.

Sith Starfighter SF Squadron

Eta-5 Interceptor 'Eta Squadron'.

Eta-2 Actis-class Light Interceptor 'Eta Squadron'.

Einstar APOSTRO-9 'Laser Scalpel'.


Escape Pod 57x for storage of sale items.

DX-9 Dropship 3x for storage.

Class-A Cargo Container 3x for larger item sales.