Duros High House

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Duros High House
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General Information
Status Inactive
Historical Information
Founded 25 BBY
Year 13 (Reformed)
Political Information
Type Racial Community
Holosite Duros High House

Duros High House - The Original Formation

25 BBY the legendary monarchy of Queen Rana Mas Trehalt fell to the criminal vices that plague a civilization built on corporations, yet these same businessmen and women rescued their people, and established a system of ruling companies, with a Chief Financial Officer as the lead executive. Its legislature and driving body, however, was the Duros High House. The High House improved the quality of life of the Duros people, both in the space colonies, and those left living on the ravaged planet in miraculous ways, and lead the species into a golden age as a founding member of the Galactic Republic.[1] This House was laid to ruin in the famed Mandalorian Wars, and any attempt at species-wide unity was to no effect as the Galactic Empire and their local affiliates CorSec unified the system and its neighbors under their singular rule.

The Reformation

In Year 13 a young Duros pilot and salesman named Mark Antioch met Galactic Stock Exchange founder Mouse Carrelbee. They began conversing heavily shortly before and during Mouse's imprisonment. Both felt a strong yearing for their ancestral home and culture which currently existed largely in diaspora following the conquests of Duro, and decided that there needed to be an organization of Duros that together would define and revive Duros culture and provide a feeling of unity and speciedom among their brethren. Mouse's execution inspired Mark to reach out to notable members of his species. Among those he was able to contact was famous trader Cadeus Iram,Zarik Roman, Andra Mangus, and racing tycoon Tolando Krieg. To his surprise, many Duros were already discussing and proposing the same idea, and they quickly became connected with each other. They decided to form an organization dedicated to the unity and welfare of their fellow Duros, and to the enrichment of Duros culture.[2]

The First High Council

Each of the founding members were given seats on the High Council according to their strengths and experience. Other members in good esteem were elected to the residual chairs.

Renek - Zarik Roman

The office of the Renek is the High King of the Council. Its title came from an archaic Durese word meaning “male ruler” or more simply “king”.[3] This office headed the Council and kept it in order. The Council was democratic in nature, relying on a majority vote for all motions. In addition to its more parliamentary roles, the Renek also oversaw the credits and space stations of the House. [4]

Nootka - Mark Antioch

“Nootka” means “commander” or “supervisor”,[3] and the Nootka served as the second to the Renek and could operate in the authority of the Renek should the King have been absent or otherwise incapacitated. It oversaw cities and facilities of the House.[4] Mark was originally elected as Bodge, but after the retirement of Cadeus Iram from the Nootka chair Mark was elected unanimously as his replacement.

Oulat - Andrava Mangus

The Oulat oversaw the vehicles, workers, and creatures of the House, and means “administrator”.[3] Its main role seemed to be as an advisor to the offices of the Nootka and Renek. This officer would have to be well-traveled and well-versed in the ways and politics of the Galaxy.[4]

Debrek - Tallon Rein

In Durese, the title meant “starship crafter” a term of high esteem in Duro Culture.[3] Ironically, the “starship crafter” managed the trophies and raw materials held in common, instead of the ships. The DeBrek was responsible for also overseeing production in House-owned factories, and thus worked very closely with both the Nootka who managed the factories and the Bodge, who managed the assets once produced.[4]

Bodge - Rashid Sinan

The Bodge, or “merchant, trader”,[3] seems to have been originally steward of all assets, but the role has evolved to only manage the items, weapons, and armor post-production, and thus worked closely with the DeBrek.[4] Bodge Sinan was the only Council Member added to the Council after its initial formation, taking the chair of Bodge after Mark Antioch's election to Nootka.

Probos - Tolando Krieg

The Probos, which means "inspiring,"[3] is in charge off all raffles, contests, and managing incoming donations. The Probos serves as the public relations officer, and serves as chief diplomat, under authority of the Renek.[4]

Mullk - Cadeus Iram

Meaning something akin to “politician” or “spokesperson”,[3] the Mulk oversaw the common-owned ships. The Mulk was a position reserved for a very dedicated Duros who has made the well-being of the species its number one concern. It had no specific role in the Council, but on the merit of its skill and dedication served as another voice and vote in Council matters.[4] This chair was created for Cadeus Iram who did not feel he could devote the needed energy to the chair of Nootka, but was dedicated to the Council and the High House.

The Code of Lod and Bringe

The Code of Lod and Bringe was offered by Renek Zarik Roman as a set of guidelines and rules for behavior and morality. It was accepted unanimously by the High Council as a method to ensure uniformity to their organization, which was made up of those from every creed, allegiance, and walk of life. Below is a later edition of the Code.

The Duros High House exists for one sole purpose, to preserve Durese Culture and promote the continuation of the Duros species as a whole. For our purpose to be valid and our means to be fair we must govern ourselves in a manner worthy of recognition and dignity. Thus, laws and regulations are a natural progression from chaos to order and the Duros High House must maintain order within itself.


L1 - The Law of Inclusion

No Duros in just standing (See D1 - Just Standing) shall be turned away from membership of the Duros High House. We welcome every Duros regardless of faction without any exception. No exclusion can be made nor will be made to this fact.

L2 - Criminal Acts

A criminal act will be defined as such: Arrest and/or execution of any sentient without clear reason, theft of any sort, faction looting, continued threats toward any sentient without provocation, kidnapping and any other clear criminal acts not defined here.
L2.1 - Titled Criminal Acts
Titled Criminal Acts are Criminal Acts (See 2 - Criminal Acts) that are performed under the name of the Duros High House. This meaning that a member of the Duros High House commits a Criminal Act as defined by 2 - Criminal Acts in the name of the Duros High House. Such acts are prohibited by the Duros High House and will result in Judicial Action (see R2 - Judicial Action) by the High Council.
L2.2 - Family Criminal Acts
Family Criminal Acts are Criminal Acts (See 2 - Criminal Acts) that are performed on another Duros in Just Standing (See Just Standing) with the Duros High House. Such acts are prohibited by the Duros High House and will result in Judicial Action (see R2 - Judicial Action) by the High Council.
L2.3 - Criminal Acts Against Other Sentients
Criminal Acts against other sentients are neither condoned nor prohibited as long as you are in compliance with Criminal Acts 2.1 and 2.2.

L3 - Treason

Treason is blatant betrayal of the Duros High House. Betrayal can come in very many forms but in every way harms the well-being of the Duros High House and the members therein.
L3.1 - Advertent Treason
Advertent Treason is the willful and knowledgeable act of giving secrets, locations, plans or any information that brings harm or imminent danger to the Duros High House or the members therein. Such acts are prohibited by the Duros High House and will result in Judicial Action (see R2 - Judicial Action) by the High Council.


R1 - Assets

Donations to the Duros High House are all tracked via a thread on the holosite located at Donations to the High House thread. All assets fall into the domain of certain High Council Members they are as follows:
Renek - Credits/Stations
Nootka - Cities/Facilities
Oulat - Vehicles/NPCs/Creatures
Bodge - Items/Weapons/Armor
DeBrek - Raw Materials/Trophies
Probos - All raffle and game donations
Mulk - Ships
All ships, items and armor are available for use by any member of the Duros High House upon request.
R1.1 - Stolen Donations
The Duros High House will not accept any donations that are reported stolen by any sentient.
Judicial Action
Judicial Action is a convening of the High Council to determine action taken against an individual for committing a crime as mentioned in the Laws section above. This is not a trial and will only take place after a guilty verdict has been placed on an individual. If Judicial Action is taken that will take away Just Standing (See D1 - Just Standing).

R3 - High Council

The High Council is a council of appointed members that are in good galactic standing and wish to further serve the Duros High House. There are 7 Council seats, no seats are to be added or subtracted without a unanimous Council decision.
R3.1 - High Council Process of Impeachment
Members of the High Council are expected to be upstanding individuals in good galactic standing with high activity and each High Council member has a specific duty. At times some Council members may neglect their duty or fall out of good galactic standing. In which case an impeachment process exists. For an impeachment to occur a High Council member must present a valid case against another High Council member and the impeachment must be voted on by the Council with the member in question abstaining from the vote. In the result of a tie the case will be made public to all members for their vote. In the case of an impeachment the Council member that was impeached has 7 days to return all assets in their possession before further action is taken. There will then be an election to fill the open position on the council.
R3.2 - High Council Process of Election
In the event of a vacant seat on the High Council, whether through retirement or impeachment, an election will take place to fill the seat. The election process will be open to every member of the Duros High House and will involve a 3 day period for nominations to be made and a 7 day period for voting. Majority wins the election. There will then be a 14 day period for the new Council member for briefing. At the end of this period the appropriate assets will be assigned.

R4 - Additions to the Code of the Lod and Bringe

During the course of time the High Council may see need or reason to add to the Code as it stands. Additions to the Code ensure that it is kept up to date in a changing galaxy and that it continues to serve our species in a positive way. The High Council must vote on all changes to the Code and come to a unanimous decision for the changes to take place. Once the vote is official the High Council is required to inform all members of the change. The change takes place immediately after the notification has been sent by the the High Council.


D1 - Just Standing

Just Standing is a status of Duros, whether members of the Duros High House or not. All Duros start in Just Standing with the Duros High House and only lose Just Standing upon Judicial Action being taken against them.

Trial History

Only one member was tried under the Code while the reformed High House was active in the galaxy. Sav Lakua was found to be guilty of crimes including kidnap and murder due in part to his affiliation with the group Black Sun, and his participation in the murder of the Guild Bank's second-in-command Lucio Rossari. He was ejected from the group in order to maintain its integrity and reputation. The proceedings of the court case are currently lost.

The Search for Home

The Duros High House High Council engaged in dialogue several times regarding their homeland of Duro. The governing agency CorSec refused access to any member. The House was not permitted past the planetary shield to pick up refugees who may have been sympathetic to the House's goals, and Corsec refused them permission to establish a settlement or embassy on the planet's surface so that they might establish starports and academies.

They then attempted to secure permission to construct a settlement on the planet Rulinn, governed by Golan Technologies on behalf of The Avance Coalition. At that time Mark Antioch was rising through the ranks at Golan and was recruiting the Avancian Duros for membership in the High House. Sav Sav Lakua was also applying for Avancian House Membership and Mark, unaware of Lakua's criminal involments, vouched for his character. Mark's reputation was salvaged by fellow Duro Shor Urra, but his initiative to secure the needed building permits were denied.

Several Duros offered the use of their own estates, but the Council wanted something of their own. They feared any sharing of land might leave them vulnerable to attack, and so the Council eventually decided to abandon the search for terrestrial building permits and opted for a secluded sanctuary and stronghold in deep space. Several locations were suggested and materials were purchased, but it is unclear if construction ever actually began.

The Disappearance

In late Year 13 or early Year 14 the reformed Duros High House faded from the galactic eye. The possibility of their present existence as a group is doubted, and of the founding members only Probos Tolando Krieg has maintained galactic notoriety.

Known Members

These are the known members of the reformed Duros High House, taken from the last membership census.