Duskscale Clan

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Duskscale Clan
Historical Information
Establishedpre-New Sith Wars
General information
Current headScalelord Venari Halissk

The Duskscale Clan is a Trandoshan clan. They live in Sakkhor, a old and powerful city in Dosha's northern continent. The clan's home was built close to a mineral-rich mountain and is located close to a harbor which brought fortune to the city and clan for many years before the invention of spacecraft, and even after. The land controlled by Duskscale is well-developed and their workers (mostly slaves) are kept motivated, some might even be granted freedom. They are named after the common sandstorms that only happens at dusk.

Every Trandoshan that had completed a successful hunt is given the opportunity to join the hierarchy of the clan and get a room in the fortress. Duskscale Clan's scalelord during the Clone Wars and afterward into the following years is Venari Halissk.


Duskscale Clan was founded during the Great Galactic War, having settled on the land via boat. From archives dating back to the renew Galactic War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, late in the war the Eternal Empire captured their land as a staging point for an attack on Kashyyyk and sent the Trandoshans into exile. Their lord at the time Lek Halissk, lead his people into his world's oceans of desert and quickly started to regain their strength, recruiting from those that had been pushed from their own homes.

Years into the occupation, Lek returned with his army, climbed the walls in the dead of night, and massacred his enemies before they had a chance to respond; the feast of the dead enemies is said to have lasted for months. It is said this was only possible because of a nothing event happening in the galaxy. After this was done, he used the technology left by the Zakuul invaders to punish those who did not commit to his cause, carving out a large portion of land. During the New Sith Wars, Duskscale was one of the many Trandoshan groups to join the Brotherhood of Darkness, not out of desperation to save themselves, but just for the hunt and the Jagannath points. Their people came back with smirks on their faces and glee in their steps.

A millennium later, Venari Halissk was granted the title of scalelord. The night Venari Halissk took the title of scalelord, his cousin dispatched Noghri assassins to kill him, however, all were killed by Venari. Venari discovered the culprit behind the attack and promptly killed him. Venari would later be promoted to the rank of Commander in the Confederacy of Independent Systems, being granted a fleet in the process and allowing him to bring his clan into battle. Following the Jedi Purge and the Clone Wars, Venari would attempt to unify the continent his clan resided in to bring on more modernization to the planet and his people.

Years following the rise of the Empire and the beginning of the Galactic Civil war, Duskscale became a noticeable presence on Dosha. However, modernization did not come naturally to most other clans, while others on the same continent considered him a heretic to the Scorekeeper. These beliefs led to a civil war across the continent, which rarely spilled over to any of the other continents of Dosha. Duskscale has been at war for years, with the aid of the other clans that agree and the aid of the Mandalorians, the war has been even sided. Venari Halissk (now as Haliat to non-Trandoshans) act as one of the few notable Trandoshans that vie for modernization, even beginning negotiations with Wookiees, which ended in failure. Unfortunately, the civil war continues to this day.