Elderan Enterprises

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Elderan Extractions
Ee ship logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Skylar Elderan
2IC Allaina Musava
Owner Skylar Elderan
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 342
Political Information
Affiliation Elderan Endeavors
Industry Ship Building


Elderan Enterprises was founded on Y11 D341 as part of the ever growing operations at Elderan Endeavours. Although its headquarters lies in the system of Meryss, its primary operations are conducted in nearby Senona. Elderan Enterprises was founded with business mogul Kain Elderan's wife, Skylar, as leader along with long time Endeavour adviser Allaina Musava executing duties as the organization's second-in-command.

Founded to help expand Elderan Endeavours line of profitable services to sentients, and continue the conglomerates tradition of excellent service and reasonable prices. They hope to achieve this through a dedicated team of employees and are able to keep production costs down through rock bottom price materials that come from within the corporation. Although possessing no unique ship datacards, Elderan Enterprises hopes to make the best of publicly available ships as well as prepare for the future by looking for scientists and engineers to potentially design and create new ships that will captivate the galaxy. Elderan Enterprises hopes to make history with the breakthroughs of tomorrow.