Elderan Extractions

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Elderan Extractions
Ee mining logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Kain Elderan
Owner Kain Elderan
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 207
Dissolved Year 13 Day 107(renamed to Galactic Commerce Collective)
Political Information
Affiliation Elderan Endeavors
Industry Mining company
Holosite Elderan Extractions


Originally, Elderan Extractions was created by Kain Elderan as a medical corporation known as Elderan Eugenics. Kain's wife, Skylar, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder which resulted in the couples infertility. Over the span of years, Kain and Skylar tried to beat fate and conceive a child. Many doctors visits later, they were not any closer to answers. A close friend suggested they consult a geneticist - a doctor who looks into the role of a sentient's genes and their maladies. The geneticist diagnosed Skylar with an incurable genetic disorder which will keep the Elderans from having children.

Grief-stricken, Kain set out on a mission to find a cure - not only for his wife, but for all genetic disorders. On this basis, Elderan Eugenics was founded - to eradicate the galaxy of genetic disorders. EE became the galaxy's premier genetic research organization - using modern medicine to cure what other doctor's once called the incurable.

Elderan Eugenics was founded as a nationalized subsidiary of a government known as the Federation of Free Alliances (FFA). Kain had long been a member of the group behind FFA and its subordinate companies, known as eXiles. Originally, the eXiles group was founded as a cooperative group - the intent being that everyone working together would reap greater rewards in the long run. When Skylar was diagnosed, Kain stepped down from his position in order to allow them to search for a cure. Upon his return, he found that the small group of friends had had great success, managing to become a government of many worlds and with large holdings across the galaxy.

Unfortunately, the FFA had become a group overrun with corruption. Kain soon discovered that many of their large holdings were acquired through theft and deceit. Their rule of planets across the galaxy had become nothing more than a tyranny - citizens were no more than slaves, deprived of many basic rights such as the right to free speech. When Kain, now an Executive Partner within the group, approached the Board of Directors with suggestions for improvement, he was met with ridicule and scorn. The final straw came when a meeting of the Board was called - yet Kain, a member of this Board, was excluded.

Disgusted at what the once proud group had become, Kain knew there was only one thing he could do - a coup was set into motion. Quickly did word spread among those planets oppressed by the nefarious Federation - it was not long at all before the majority of all of them had cast off their chains and declared their loyalty to Mr. Elderan. Kain sought out assistance in managing the massive population now under his control - he found that help in Dorn Zeke and the government known as the Aurodium Legion. Negotiating a deal, they moved quickly to secure as many planets as they could before the Federation could react.

Realizing that a medical research institute could surely not handle managing so many worlds, Kain ordered the closure of Elderan Eugenics temporarily - their research would not be wasted, but it would now be the focus of the group to build up an infrastructure in order to provide for the people now under their control. So it was that Black Ice Industries was created.

After many months of hard work and a stream of new recruits to their cause, Kain decided it was time to expand. Black Ice Industries was renamed to Elderan Extractions and a new ship production company, Elderan Enterprises, was founded. Thus was the new conglomerate known as Elderan Endeavors was born.


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