Elegos Ryder

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Elegos Ryder
Biographical Information
Race Anx
Homeworld Anzat
Mother Emilia von Ryder
Father Elegosin von Ryder III
Spouse None
Partner None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -723 Day 197
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.91 meters
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
Title Lord of Frosthaven
Rank N/A
Positions Beast Master, Lord General, Chief Engineer, Fleet Admiral, CEO, COO
Prior Affiliation Veril Line Systems, Byblos Drive Yards, Clan Breviin, Death Watch, Archduchy of Tolonda, Royal Engineers of Krmar, Tamra Royal Excavations, Oshora Pharmacology
Awards Lifetime Achievement Award, Helping Hands Award, Master Hunter, Naval Ace


Early Childhood

Born to Duke Elegosin von Ryder III of Anzat and his wife Emilia, Elegosin von Ryder IV was a shy child. Due to this, it was very difficult for him to make friends. Those who were interested in spending time with him always seemed to be more interested in his familial connections than with Elegosin himself. An exception to this rule was his childhood friend, Natalie. Elegosin and Natalie did everything together, from telling stories in the courtyard of the von Ryder family chateau to skipping stones at a pond in the nearby village where Natalie lived with her mother.

One day, at the age of 13, as Elegosin was riding his speeder bike towards Natalie's village, he noticed something was wrong. There were no sounds. Not from the village, not from the nearby pasture, nothing. After arriving in the village, it became clear why. Everybody was gone. After an investigation by local authorities, led by Elegosin's father, it was discovered that the village had been set upon by mauraders. They had taken all of those who lived in the village, killing the men that stood against them and forcing the rest, including the women and children, into slavery.

Appalled at this revelation, Elegosin dedicated the next 5 years of his life to mastering several forms of combat, from swordplay, to blasters, to hand to hand combat. Determined that he would find Natalie and free her from the life these mauraders had forced upon her, Elegosin took his family's J-type 327 Starship and set off into the stars against his father's wishes. To avoid being found by his family or recognized as part of an Anzati royal family, Elegosin reregistered the ship under his new identity, Elegos Ryder.

Life on His Own

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