Eliana Tamerin

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Eliana Tamerin
Eliana Tamerin Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Spouse Auron Kun
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.65 meters
Coloring Pale skin
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Bluish-grey
Political Information
Affiliation Tamerin Foundation
Prior Affiliation Kathol Republic
Anzatan Commonwealth
Corporate Sector Authority

Eliana Tamerin is a female Human and the former director of the Tamerin Foundation. Standing just over five feet, five inches tall, Eliana is shorter than the galactic average for humans. Her small size helped her during her earlier years when she banded with a smuggling crew, but not it serves more as an inconvenience than an advantage. Her fiery red hair, often curled and extending to her mid-back, is the most prominent of her features, and it stands out brilliantly against her smooth, creamy-white skin. Her eyes are a bluish-grey, turned from an intense blue at birth. Her lips are not as red as her hair, but still seem to warm the room when employed in a smile.


Early life

The blood of a trader flows strongly through the veins of Eliana Tamerin. Her parents, wealthy and influential business beings in the highest echelons of the Coruscani social hierarchy, wanted nothing but the best for their beloved daughter, and spared no expense to see to it that she got exactly that. She was provided with the highest-level of education for her age in the best-renowned Coruscani institutions of learning, and early-on developed a knack for leadership unmatched amongst her peers. When she found that she wanted something, Eliana always got it, no matter at what cost. Her parents, however, crossed the wrong people in their business dealings, and when Eliana was twelve, before she had even completed her education, an influential Imperial dignitary ordered a unit of stormtroopers to raid their apartment and kill both of them, after having planted evidence linking them to one of the most powerful Coruscani drug-running syndicates within their home. Even as the Stormtroopers used a flash torch to tear open the front door to their home, she had some idea of what was going on, and made good her escape into the labyrinthine ventilation ducts throughout their home, managing to avoid the Imperial soldiers long enough to make her way out. She found that the ventilation ducts ended near the Imperial starport barely two kilometers from her old home, and decided that would be her best chance for survival.

She made friends with a local group of smuggler's, and was soon after accepted into their fold for her skills with negotiating her way into and out of things. The Imperials, however, had not forgotten her existence, and hunted her constantly, forcing the entire crew to continuously change ports-of-call. While if they were in any other line of business this would have been an inconvenience, as smugglers this was little more than added motivation to make their deliveries in an expedient manner. They could not, however, throw off the authorities forever. When Eliana was sixteen, as the ship left the orbit of Tatooine, the Imperial forces operating from one of its primary moons sprung a trap they had staged many months earlier. In a panic, the crew turned tail and fled back toward the surface, but the ship was quickly disabled. The captain brought the ship into orbit so that the escape pods could be jettisoned and his crew's lives could be preserved, but Eliana barely escaped with her life in a battered escape pod, along with just two other members of the crew.

The escape pod barely made it into the atmosphere of Tatooine intact, and was noticed by many of the citizens of Mos Espa as it tore across the sky, sending up a plume of sand. The local Hutt crimelord, Darba, sent a contingent of his thugs to retrieve the pod and enslave any passengers. When they found Eliana, she was unconscious, a gash across her forehead oozing blood, but she was still very much alive. She was pressed into a life of servitude to Darba, but continued resisting capture in her very own unique way. As she befriended the others serving Darba, Eliana convinced them to act as her eyes and ears throughout his palace, assisting her in spying on the Hutt's operations and dealings, and giving her a kind of power over the compound that not even Darba possessed: trust. As the trust the others placed in Eliana grew, so did her power within Darba's palace, and as her power grew, Darba's rapidly eroded away until the Hutt found himself with none left whom he could trust. After an entire year of work and planning, Eliana knew the time had come when she could seize control, and did so efficiently, having her contacts dispatch the Hutt's guards and even Darba himself. Her first act of leadership as the new administrator of Darba's compound, Eliana freed all those who had been pressed into a life of slavery by the vile gangster, and distributed his assets amongst all those freed. She never forgot to reward those who remained loyal to her in achieving her goals.

After the entire Darba ordeal was over and done with, Eliana moved on with her life. She turned over the former Hutt's compound to one of her associates, and left the planet. Two years later, at the age of nineteen, Eliana has found herself working for the Galactic Services Corporate as its Vice President.

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