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General Information
Motto "We will corrupt you. We will pillage you. Or we will slaughter you."
Status Active
Leader Uli-ah Gafsa
2IC Colton Hatfield
Owner Avicii Tempah
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 297
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Paramilitary
Holosite [1]

Ellipsis, the latest upcoming security organization to hit the galaxy with full force. Specialists in security, production and transport Ellipsis will construct full planetary and system defenses to protect the homes of your people, collect the heads of the most dangerous criminals and common thieves in the galaxy and escort your ships securely through even the most hostile or pirate infested territories. We will use our Tabders to haul planets-in-a-box, ferry thousands of colonists in mere hours with our GR-75s and transport sentients in our speedy YT-510s. While others are terrified of what lurks in the darkness, there is nothing that will break the picket line of our convoys, let alone the bulwark. Ellipsis is well equipped for all jobs.

You have a choice, use Ellipsis and get only the best, or hire someone else and risk losing your goods to the Eidolan pirates and Black Sun agents.

Like ghosts in the wind

They come from the sea,

To steal your plunder,

Before you can see.

With swashbuckling swagger

And a Jolly Roger laugh,

They fly the black flag,

On a dragon bone staff.

With a thunderous blast

From their cannon's might,

They shiver the strong,

And cripple their fight.

They take what they've lost

And turn it to gold,

For they're a crafty and cunning,

fearless and bold.

They're dashing and daring,

Fierce buccaneers,

For the sight of their plunder,

Pales many with fear.

From East Ghost Nebula

Victories are told,

Of the Ellipsis Pirates,

And their purple and gold!

Ellipsis was renamed Twin Suns after Uli-ah Gafsa took control of the pirate group.