Emilio Varga

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Emilio Varga
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Selab
Mother Elaan Pavlik-Varga
Father Drallo Varga
Born Year -18, Day 04
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation None
Prior Affiliation
  • Ansion Defence League
  • Thebeon II Imperial Academy Outpost
  • Robin Hood School of Culture and Social Education

Emilio Varga is a Hapan male caught within two worlds. Born to Hapan and Imperial parents each wanting their own ideology infused into him, he was taught the arts of culture and history, diplomacy and politics as a young child before being taken away and thrust into a world of violence and assassination by his father. As his skills increased, he was turned from a shy bookworm into a stone cold executioner. As more contracts came and went, the tolls on his body and his lifelong friendships inevitably saw him turning his back on the life, building a suave and sophisticated exterior to hide his life of assassination in a web of local business ventures and enterprises. Once regularly accompanied by his lifelong friend and confidant Persephone Krelano, he endeavoured to make a life for himself in more legitimate means, Until the betrayal of his partner returned him to a life of anger and aggression and away from the ways of justice and sophistication.

Never Easy Getting Started

Starting Off

Emilio Varga was born to a Hapan mother and an Imperial father in the Chuculyk Flats on the planet of Selab in the Hapes Cluster. While many children were born into a life of luck and enjoyment, Emilio was quickly diagnosed with a strain of the Toli-X virus, a virus that attacked his blood cells, causing immeasurable pain and suffering, threatening his life. Spending his formative years in and out of hospital on a regiment of stimulants and medications, Emilio was regularly in the company of his mother Elaan, while his father was rarely around, serving with the eighth group of the third Imperial fleet around Corellia. While his father was a steadfast Imperial, striving to rid the galaxy of the rebellious militias within the galaxy, his mother followed a more sophisticated lifestyle, forming a strong allegiance to the Tini'duranist ideology. Due to his illness, Emilio was educated from the various hospital bed he frequented, before retiring to the family estate in the mountains of Selab where his education continued by hired professionals and friends of his mother. While being tutored in Hapan history and culture, his father would regularly return to impart his own knowledge of the Imperial cause, ensuring Emilio was regularly conflicted on which lifestyle he would eventually lead. On his tenth birthday he was still undecided despite years of knowledge being thrust upon him. As the family gathered to celebrate his birthday, Emilio was still linked intravenously to his medication, unable to enjoy the regular lifestyle of a child.

Seeking more opinions from medical professionals, Elaan eventually caved to the requests of her son and allowed Emilio to participate in a medical treatment that had been arranged through his father Drallo. A modified stimulant injected into the neck provided a temporary release from the pain and suffering for several days, allowing the growing eleven year-old to finally begin a lifestyle of his own. Transferring to the Hapan home world, Emilio was enrolled in the prestigious Robin Hood School of Culture and Social Education.

The Mountain Retreat of the Varga Family.

With a lack of knowledge in social behaviour and anything other than learning, Emilio invested his time into his classes, disregarding the others around him as many failed to show and interest in him. Involving himself in more political and historical classes, he strived to enrich his personality as one of knowledge, someone who could amaze anyone with his perfect vocabulary and knowledge of history, even if he failed to have the social component in his life. While studying privately, he witnessed another who showed a similar passion. While he remained distant and private, she eventually made contact, and introduced herself as Persephone Krelano. Her more vibrant nature was something not familiar to Emilio, however he still found himself sharing his own stories with her, developing a friendship with another. Through their conversations and encounters within the school, Emilio quickly grasped the art of being social, using knowledge to appear suave and sophisticated, while embracing conversation and understanding with other people. Emilio remained close with Persephone during the classes they had together, creating a very close, inseparable friendship that saw them both achieve strong academic achievements.

As the school year concluded and they went their separate ways, Emilio persuaded his mother that allow him the use of a personal communicator to remain in contact with his friend during their time apart. Given her previous fears of solitude and exclusion, Elaan did not hesitate in bowing to her son's request, purchasing the highest quality communicator for him to use. Despite their distance apart and the continuing revolution of the galaxy, Emilio spoke with Persephone several times each time, sharing every detail however slight with her. Several days after his twelfth birthday, Emilio welcomed home with father from deployment with the Imperial fleet. While the talked about everything that had transpired since their separation, Drallo was evidently concerned and displeased. Leaving Emilio to his own activities, Drallo met with his wife and quickly the conversation erupted into an argument. As violence ensued and Elaan began crying, Drallo returned, taking Emilio to his Imperial assigned Sentinel-class Landing Craft and departing the planet of Selab. Frightened and incapable of expressing his opinions of what had transpired in fear of punishment, Emilio hid the personal communicator within his clothes as he sat quietly in the ship, weeping softly from the anxiety. As he injected himself with his Toli-X sedative, he gently fell asleep in the passenger hold, slumping in his chair as she began to dream. Awakening in a facility, his father welcomed him, explaining the he would no longer be educated at the Robin Hood School of Culture and Social Education, and yet he would now undertaking the grueling teachings of the Imperial Academy outpost on Thebeon II in Achillea City.

Different Ideologies

Away from the cultures of the Hapan lifestyle and unintentionally thrust into the more gruelling Imperial mantra, Emilio was forced to cast aside the book smarts and knowledge he had grown accustomed to and instead grow to love the constant beatings and physical exhaustion that came with the teachings of his father. While suave and full of knowledge, Emilio had not hurt a soul or fired a blaster in his thirteen years of existence. Yet only mere days into the program he was being engaged by countless T-Series Tactical Droids and other more eager students. His only advantage was that his father was stationed on the facility to allow him to ask for wisdom and knowledge. As Drallo had transferred from the third Imperial fleet in order to be closer to his son, he was in a position to mould his son into the Imperial he hoped he would become. The vision was not one of a naval officer, but a member of the Imperial Royal Guard, a protector of the Emperor with unquestionable devotion to the cause, willing to die for another. After several weeks of basic training, Emilio was placed under the tutelage of his father who began to teach him about the art of stealth and assassination. For months Emilio was undertaking exercises on how to remain silent and invisible, placed into the hardest exercises with intense punishment if he failed. The undertaking was gruelling, and was slowly changing his personality for one of innocence into one of a calculating killer.

The sole ray of light that stopped him from loosing all grip on reality was the simple personal communication device he had manage to smuggle all through the academy's screenings, allowing him to remain in contact with both his mother and Persephone who was still studying at the Robin Hood School of Culture and Social Education. While conversations with his mother were often brief and not undertaken consistently, conversations with Persephone were regular, often after an exhaustive or painful day. Through their conversations, she was able to keep Emilio sane and somewhat regular. Passing on news from the rest of the galaxy along with her words of friendship and encouragement, Emilio realised the despite everything he was going through, there was still some enjoyment in his life. Graduating from childhood to adulthood, Emilio was granted access to the second stage of his tutelage. Having mastered the art of stealth and physical combat, he was now to be taught the skills of weaponry. While he enjoyed the elegance of vibroblades and swords and the personal nature of a blaster, Emilio quickly developed a preference for ranged weaponry, particularly the Imperial sniper rifle codenamed Nightstinger. As his training developed, Emilio was soon taken on assignment with his father to complete his accreditations. The most brutal was called The Transition, a covert Imperial exercise that released a small selection of prisoners into the forests of the nearby planet of Cortina IV. While the prisoners assumed their release had been granted, their escape was merely an exercise for training snipers to practice on living, moving targets. While barbaric and against his conscience, Emilio was given little choice by his father who explained that failure to complete his accreditations would result in death by the Imperial Security Bureau. As the escapees fled through the forests, Emilio calmly gathered each of them in his sights, squeezing the trigger of his Nightstinger and dispatching a blaster bolt into the skull of each. As he took a breath and began to disassemble his rifle, Emilo turned and looked at an evidently proud father. Receiving a pat on the back, Emilio smiled before commencing his return to the academy facilities back on Thebeon II.

Upon their return to the facility, Emilio and Drallo were greeting by Imperial Security Bureau agents who arrested his father. Under the charges of conspiracy and desertion, Drallo faced execution if proven guilty. While only at the mere age of twenty, Emilio was forced to investigate the crimes without the aide of an instructor. Out of his depth and worried for his father's well-being, Emilio quickly contacted Persephone for advice on how he could clear his father's name. While her advice was brief, it was able to point him in the right direction. The charges were stemming from reports passed through a number of anonymous sources within the Imperial outpost. Using the few connections and skills he had managed to grow within his time at the facility, Emilio soon reverse engineered the messages and discovered the terminal of origin, one belonging to a Planetary Superintendent stationed on Thebeon II known as Arthur Weerum. Following Weerum's path for several days revealed a number of dealing with spies within the Rebel Alliance movement, looking to remove a promising officer from the ranks of the Galactic Empire.

A Rite of Passage.

Passing on his findings to the Academy Provost, Emilio had successfully proven his father's innocence, allowing him to be released and reinstated within the Academy. Proud of his son, Drallo walked with his son out of the court proceedings with a wide smile on his face. As they reached the outside of the hearing room, a blaster shot emanated throughout the room, striking Drallo in the chest, just below his various ribbons and awards. As his father fell to the ground, Emilio grasped his hand and witnessed his father's last breaths as he began to weep for his coming loss.

Practical Experience

As his father whispered several incomprehensible words before he gave into the calling and bowed to the whim of his fatal wound, Emilio released the grip on his father's hand and with a tear streaming down his cheek he reached over and closed his Drallo's eyes for the last time. While Imperial agents swarmed to gather evidence and track the fleeing government officer, Emilio calmly stood and walked to the armoury, collecting a vibroblade and his Nightstinger, before walking out of the building and heading for the planet's glaciers, the most logical place to hide while arranging transport off world. Despite the cold, Emilio was relaxed, tracking the footprints of his father's killer. As he reached the precipice of a glacier, he spotted the fleeing agent taking cover in a small alcove. Perching his rifle, he took a deep breath and squeezed his trigger once more, casting off two blaster shots in quick succession that perforated Weerum's kneecaps, shattering them with immediacy, forcing the helpless official to scream in immeasurable pain as he feel to the ground. Collecting his rifle, Emilio surveyed the surroundings for other agents, to whom none were present. Slowing walking toward his helpless victim, he placed the rifle on the ground and unsheathed the vibroblade from its holster on his back. As he exchanged anger and frustration with the bleeding Weerum, Emilio held the blade to his throat, asking why he should spare he should be spared. As Weerum failed to express any valid reasoning, Emilio mercilessly forced the blade into the officials throat. As Weerum began to expel blood from his throat and mouth, Emilio twisted the blade, before moving the blade through his neck. With each motion Emilio managed to extract immeasurable pain while keeping Weerum alive, a byproduct of his training, before swiftly expelling the bloodied blade, forcing Weerum's skull to separate from his body and fall to the ground.

Thrusting the bloodied vibroblade into the glacier, Emilio took a deep breath before kicking some ice over the bloodied corpse of his victim. Leaving the blade in the ice, he walked back and collected his rifle before retuning to the Academy. As he returned, he immediately contact his mother and relayed the news. While she explained that their separation was due to a divorce, not Drallo's deployment, Elaan was still evidently distraught by the news. While she was inconsolable, Emilio was calm and quiet. As one communication concluded, another with commenced with Persephone, where Emilio shared everything about what had occurred, to which Persephone became distant and worried. She had only known Emilio as a quiet, enjoyable bookworm, not as a merciless executioner and became frightened at what he had become. Withdrawn, Persephone told Emilio to keep her distance while she thought about their friendship. Frustrated by what it had done to their friendship, Emilio returned his Nightstinger to the armoury before retiring to his private quarters, where he began beating his footlocker senseless from his anger. As he caught his breath and calmed down, he visited the medical facility for a routine analysis. While various FX-7 medical droid analysed his extremities, a number of doctors began explaining what would happen with his father's burial. As the discussions ended, the doctors also managed to draw a conclusion about Emilio's condition. Increased blood flow and adrenaline to his brain actively slowed the progression of Toli-X. While stimulants would do the same, natural creation of the endorphins would prolong the effects, resulting in less injections. While somewhat alarmed that such brutality would actually help him feel better, Emilio checked himself out of the facility to sleep and try to forget about the death of his father on his birthday the following day.

Return to the Familiar

One to Another

As twenty-second birthday passed and his father laid to rest, Emilio sold his father's Sentinel-class Landing Craft and purchased an HCT-2001 Dragonboat-Class Freighter from an Imperial merchant. Leaving Thebeon II and returning to the family estate on Selab, Emilio was happy to see his mother. Much had changed around the home since he had been taken away to the Academy, however Elaan had kept Emilio's belongings as they were when he left. Begrudgingly keeping his distance from Persephone, Emilio spent some time with his mother, hiding his abilities and returning to a life of sophistication, watching his mother act to gather the art of diplomacy. No more bruises or blood, his armour replaced with a fine suit, he began to develop a more suave exterior while maintaining his skills his defence and assassination. As month after month passed without contact with Persephone, Emilio continued to struggle, wondering if perhaps enough time had passed for him to finally go and see his best friend once more. Accessing the alumni database of the Robin Hood School of Culture and Social Education, Emilio was able to discover Persephone's location, to where he quickly travelled. Dressed in his finest Hapan suit, he quietly knocked on the door, eager to see his friend. As the door slid open, Emilio witnessed the once young friend he had known had matured into a gorgeous woman.

Persephone Krelano, lifelong friend and confidant.

At a loss for words he stood silent for a moment before offering salutations to the surprised Persephone. While he feared that she would simply ask him to leave, she extended a warm hug and invited him inside her home. For hours they spoke, hours more the following day as they shared their stories, Emilio in particular. Given their last conversation he wanted to make clear that he meant no harm to their friendship and would do anything necessary to keep her close. While he saw his lifelong friend, he couldn't shake the attraction he now also felt toward her. Her hair was perfect and she had matured into a woman of sophistication and knowledge, while her personality remained as vibrant as ever. Spending several days together could feel a mutual attraction, but was nervous to broach the subject in fear it would compromise their friendship. Despite the cost, his suave exterior could not contain his feelings and he asked Persephone if their friendship should become more. As a smile graced her face, she simply leant over and kissed Emilio softly, acknowledging his question and wondering what took him so long to do so.

Happy at the place his relationship was with Persephone, he felt that perhaps they should consider moving on with their lives together, away from the Hapes Cluster. Eager to undertake the next stage in her life, Persephone boarded the HCT-2001 Dragonboat-Class Freighter now christened Krelano and travelled with Emilio to the more dangerous planet of Ansion, under the control of the local mercenary guilds. As they were both now in their mid twenties, they we happy to have each other. Grown from the tender ages to a more mature state, their lives were intertwined in a home of their own. Emilio tried to inject himself into the local community by putting his ear to the ground, immersing himself in trade deals and conglomerates while Persephone invested in local business while establishing their home. After a number of weeks activity was slow, and Emilio gently began to explain the idea of contract executions to Persephone. While she was frightened by what Emilio had become after the loss of his father, he explained that the targets would only be though of the criminal underbelly and he would dispatch of them quickly, showing them respect to the end. While she didn't complete agree with the methods, she came to the understanding that credits were growing thin, and that Emilio's specialist skills could give them a comfortable lifestyle while making the planet safer.

Purchasing some small weaponry along with an X-45 Sniper Rifle, Emilio covertly made contact with several law enforcement and criminal organisations alike to put his knowledge to use. Undertaking a number of contracts, he silently and swiftly executed them one after another, his signature blaster bolt to the back of the skull ensured no pain to the recipient upon death, while limited collateral damage which in turn increased his income. Due to his very high security measures, no organisation or individual knew of his identity when undertaking the assignments, allowing him to remain clear of all threats while on Ansion. Adopting the codename Sicarius, Emilio was able to conduct his brutal business when required, while adopting a more sophisticated and socially acceptable persona around local businesses and individuals. With his growing reputation and desire to improve the wellbeing of his life with Persephone, he soon invested in a number of political campaigns and businesses, allowing him to exert influence in making his other ventures safer and secure from the authorities.

Making Sacrifices

As the years past, the assignments continued to increase in difficulty. Hired to remove a tyrant on the nearby planet of Gaulix, Emilio went through his regular routine, saying goodbye his wife before stowing aboard an unmarked transport to the planet to ensure his travel was untraced. Upon his arrival, he surveilled the target and his movements before planning a strategy for the assassination. As he spent a number of days analysing the dossier of the tyrant known as Borodin Elias, he quickly understood that his interest in smuggling minerals would be an effective strategy. Commandeering a small cache of explosives he had acquired from a smuggling ring, Emilio used the darkness of the night to place a number of frame charges around the base of a mine, enough to make it seem like the mine would naturally cave in and eliminate any arousal of suspicious circumstances. As his primary plan was setup, Emilio set up his rifle several thousand yards from the mine's entrance in case he needed a more direct method of intervention. As Elias stepped out of his speeder, escorted by a number of mercenaries, Emilio calmly watched the initial introductions from the scope of his rifle. As the group began their decent into the mine, one Rodian mercenary noticed the emanating colour of a frame charge, and quickly ordered the evacuation. Faced with the irregular sensation of failure, Emilio quickly detonated the charges, causing the mine to cave and trap majority of the soldiers underneath the rubble, unfortunately Elias was not one of them. Calmly dispatching the two remaining mercenaries with swift shots to the back of the skull from his X-45 Sniper Rifle, he was unable to get a clear shot of the tyrant, allowing him to escape the scene.

Frustrating by his failure, Emilio removed all evidence of his intervention in the region before swiftly returning to Ansion. With his reputation not tarnished, he put his rifle away and began to double to efforts on the more legitimate business ventures he had in place. Persephone had managed to purchase majority ownerships in several merchant businesses, allowing her to ship supplies seamlessly through the Churnis sector without arousing suspicion. Through this connection, Emilio was able to order more sophisticated weaponry and defence mechanisms to help rebuild his reputation. As he pondered whether to undertake another contract given his damaged confidence, Emilio decided that perhaps a more legitimate means of aggression would be more beneficial. After conversations with Persephone, he opened the Ansion Defence League, a small enterprise the train people on the arts of self defence, and how to properly disappear within crowds. While initially the enterprise looked like a failure, business soon picked up as news of the quality of his work began to spread around the planet. While the increased income was welcomed, the twenty-eight year-old failed to see that the skill of his work would arouse suspicions around his alternative identity. As he left the building after a day of operations, a stray blaster shot connected with his flesh below his left shoulder blade, before a black cloth was thrown over his head and he was thrown into a speeder with an unknown destination.

As months passed, Emilio remained sealed in a room without contact from another. Meals was passed through an energy field at intermittent times to disrupt his keeping of time, while his Toli-X stimulants were not administered, causing insurmountable pain. Inevitably the shield dropped and a figured could be heard approaching. As the cloth was removed and Emilio grew accustomed to the light and his surroundings, he soon recognised the figure of Borodin Elias standing over him. As Borodin smirked and punched Emilio repeatedly, Emilio offered to screams or sounds of suffering, simply keeping a straight face as each strike rippled through his body. As his body was thrown into a freezing cauldron of water and his open wound was treated to various liquids and pain-enducing condiments, he centred himself in an effort to remember the teachings of his father and block out the severe pain he was experiencing. Unbreakable and offering no information as to who had hired Emilio for the contract, Borodin resorted to more desperate measures, showing Emilio a holovid of a blaster held to Persephone's head. Ascertaining enough information to understand that she was being held within the same facility, Emilio began to work on his restraints, in an effort to free himself. After days of tugging and struggling, he managed to loosen the cuffs enough to free his right hand, where he patiently waited until someone entered. As the guard entered to drop of his meal, Emilio jumped and grasped the Kuati around the throat, easily feeling the neck bones break under this vice grip.

Time to Go

With one dispatched, Emilio grasped the mortally wounded guard's DL-44 blaster and Combat Knife, before heading down the hallways of the facility. Keeping to the shadows subconsciously, he slipped past various patrols without setting off any alarms. As he reached the other side of the facility, he drew close to the other holding cell holding Persephone. Creating a distraction by grinding his blade across the duracrete wall, Emilio drew a guard close and swiftly burrowed the DL-44 deep into his stomach before squeezing the trigger twice. Muffled by the armour and grotesque physique of the guard, Emilio was able to approach the final guard from behind without arousing suspicion, implanting his knife through the throat, cutting off all vocal chords to mute the screams. As blood poured from the open wound, Emilio twisted the blade to heighten the pain, before removing in, causing the guard to drop to the floor.

Borodin Elias understanding the consequences.

Unlocking the energy field, Emilio entered the cell of his lifelong friend and confidant, calming her by placing his bloodied hand on her cheek. Immediately knowing of his presence, Persephone calmed and remained silent as Emilio removed her restraints. Holding her close behind, they both quietly moved towards the emergency exit of the facility. As the approached, Emilio spotted Elias from the corner of his eye and momentarily left Persephone by the exit. As he manoeuvred close, he struck Elias in the throat with his hand, causing him to gasp for breath before dragging him but the back of the neck towards Persephone, before leaving the facility. Commandeering a small Sprint-class rescue craft, Persephone readied the vessel for takeoff while Emilio lead Elias into the outskirts away from the building. Kicking Elias in the leg, he fell to the ground as Emilio held his blaster the the tyrants temple. Exchanging mere sentences with each other, Emilio smirked as he fired two shots into the chest of Elias, before executing him with another to the skull. Tossing the rudimentary blaster aside into the brush of the forest, Emilio returned to the Sprint-class rescue craft as it headed for the planets orbit.

While the spent some time cleaning their wounds and grooming after some time in captivity, they were both relieved to be free from their ordeal and could barely keep their hands off each other. As the autopilot guided them back to their home on Ansion, they expressed their love for each other in such passion it was unquantifiable. For days of travel they failed to leave their personal quarters, before the emanating sound of arrival finally draw them off each other for a few moments. As the walked off the vessel holding hands happily, they came to the quick decision that their ventures within Ansion were to close and that their return to Hapan space was the next stage of their life. Selling off their various business ventures and endeavours, Emilio kept his various connections to hardware should it every be required once more, before allowing the facets of his businesses to pass into the hands of local merchants and buyers. Selling off all remaining assets, Emilio and Persephone retuned to the HCT-2001 Dragonboat-Class Freighter Krelano for their journey back to the Hapes Cluster.

As the considered whether to return to Selab with Emilio's mother Elaan, or perhaps consider a new place to live, Emilio decided that his days of contract killing and execution were behind him. He would still maintain his skills as an effort to remain fit and up to any threat that may arise, but his mother's lifestyle of diplomacy and culture was something he wished to follow. Persephone expressed her feelings of joy at his decision, knowing that the continuation down such a path could have resulted in more harm coming to them both. Upon their arrival to the Hapes Cluster, the both decided more opportunities were open to them on the capital world of Hapes, purchasing a small homestead in Basington near the coasts. As Persephone took care of ventures around the home, Emilio manoeuvred his way into the legal system, volunteering in legal aide offices and the realm of the Ombudsman as he considered his new career path. Many opportunities were available within the Hapes Consortium Government, however with his past life almost causing a mortal wound to his body, he was hesitant to rush into a new endeavour of such scope without considering all options available to him.

Testing Faith


With his life in a place of peace and Persephone in his life permanently, Emilio undertook a number of unofficial roles with the Hapes Consortium government, volunteering in legal cases representing the local citizenry. The work was fairly simplistic given he wasn't official part of the government structure, however it allowed him to get his feet wet and discover what he could do to great effect should he be deemed an effective candidate within the Hapan legal system. As Lorell provided a large amount of work, he was granted access to several communications channels and low security cables for analysis with his cases. All were vetted through internal security protocols to avoid any encrypted information corrupting the channels, but on occasion criminal organisations would attempt to hack the protocols for any information they could sell on the black markets. After completing a case, Emilio discovered a communications trail between individuals on Lorell and the Imperial controlled Ziost. While lacking identification tags and tracing protocols, it had slipped past security checks on an open channel. Casually leaving his work, Emilio boarded the HCT-2001 Dragonboat-Class Freighter Krelano and headed towards Imperial space, eager to learn more about the various communications.

Exited hyperspace in orbit of the nearby world Dromund Kaas, Emilio landed in the Imperial-controlled Cherokee Starport using his father's access codes to try and learn more about the planet he was about to visit. Talking to various social classes of Dromund Kaas' citizens yielded little results, causing Emilio to turn to the underground for more substantial forms of information. Passing out thousands of credits to anyone who had even the slightest form of useful information, Emilio compiled all he could before returning to his shuttle docked within the starport. As he brushed his suit and fiddled with the documents in his left hand, his foot pressed against the boarding ramp of the HCT-2001 Dragonboat-Class Freighter which immediately engaged a rigged switch on the side of the shuttle, causing an explosion, blasting Emilio backward across the starport and into the rear wall, immediately knocking him unconscious.

The previously undisclosed dossier of Persephone Krelano.

Dazed and confused, Emilio struggled as he opened his eyes and awoke in an Imperial hospital, under guard by two Imperial Security Bureau agents. Several scratches on his face was all the was evident to anyone who wished to analyse his wounds, however a number of bruised ribs and with his left wrist in a brace remained hidden under various garments. As he struggled and attempted to reach for water, his dazed consciousness watched the two guarding agents depart, and a hooded woman entered his room alone. Her red hair was evident as it flowed out of the hood, but her face was shrouded in darkness, making identification impossible. She stood quietly, simply placing a small number of documents at Emilio's feet. Explaining his luck for being alive, she warned him to mind his surroundings before placing an access card on top of the documents before she departed.

Sitting up in his bed and gasping from the pain in his ribs, Emilio grasped the documents and the access card, opening the files. To his shock, his lover and confident was not all that she seemed. Pledging her allegiance to a shrouded organisation known as the Order of the Acklay, she had undertaken a number of assassinations against various targets throughout the galaxy, including his Imperial father Drallo Varga. As he read through more documents, evidence collected by Imperial authorities about his accident traced various materials to ones used by the Acklay Order, placing Persephone in the frame for his attempted murder. His suave exterior soon turned to one of immense rage and betrayal. On one hand he had been betrayed by the one person he had shared all his secrets and his bed with, on the other hand he had failed in his training to identify all threats. A mistake he would soon endeavour to correct. Knowing Persephone would come visit to establish her cover as the grieving parter, Emilio quickly hobbled out of bed to a storage closet and stole a large coat the he wore over his hospital guard, before picking the holster of a sleeping hospital security member, placing a combat knife and a DL-44 within one of the many pockets of his coat, and placing the dossier of his parter in another.

Patiently waiting, he was soon greeted by a worried Persephone. Engaging in the facade, Emilio put on a worried face and explained that he needed some fresh air out of the hospital and asked for Persephone's assistance. Together they walked towards the outskirts of the city, towards the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Embracing in a warm hug, Emilio reached into his pocket and grasped his stolen DL-44 before squeezing the trigger gently, firing a blaster bolt into each of Persephone's kneecaps. As she screamed and fell backwards uncontrollably, she almost fell to her death into the Dromund Kaas ocean, however Emilio grasped her left hand and stopped her from falling. As she continued to scream from the pain, Emilio screamed back at her in anger for what she had done, for which she had no regret. Controlled by only his anger, Emilio tossed the DL-44 into the ocean below, before removing the combat knife from his jacket. As he looked into Persephone's eyes for the last time, he gripped the knife as tight as he could before he mercilessly sliced it through Persephone's wrist, causing her to fall to her death in the ocean hundreds of feet below. As her screams dissipated in the wind, Emilio tossed the severed wrist and the bloodied knife into the water below, along with the dossier he had secreted in his coat, before slowly hobbling back towards the starport.

As he arrived, he removed the access card from his pocket and showed it to an Imperial employee who directed him to an adjacent docking bay. As he entered, he was greeted by a CZ-3 Protocol Droid who explained that he had been given the docked CR-90 Corvette by his shrouded visitor. Appreciative of the gesture, he instructed the droid to thank its unknown master as he boarded. Fuelled in anger by his loss and lack of care towards the communications intercepts, Emilio decided to travel to Ziost anyway, but for a different reason than originally anticipated. His suave exterior had no place in his life at the moment. His anger and training were now at the forefront, and his bruised and battered body needed a place to rest and recuperate. Landing his CR-90 Corvette on the surface of the planet, he slowly hobbled towards the entrance of a known Sith temple, one of great anger and destruction. As he reached the entrance, he collapsed on the stairs unconscious, unable to move further. As he awoke several hours later, he was locked in a room with only a bed and several hundred books. Unable to struggle given the extent of his injuries, he simply remained quiet and began reading book after book, learning the art and code of the Sith, to enrich himself as an instrument of assassination.