Endara Mining Corporation

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Endara Mining Corporation
General Information
Status Active
Leader Danakin Turner
2IC Kyle Croft
Owner Hapes Consortium
Historical Information
Founded Year 5 Day 99
Political Information
Affiliation Hapes Consortium
Industry Mining company

Endara Mining Corporation (EMC) has forged a proud history of excellence in the mining industry for over 5 years. EMC was originally founded on day 99 of year 5 under the name of Akheton Mining Corporation by a group of former pirates whose goal was to became legitimate business owners. From its conception on the planet Naboo and under the leadership of Saxon Vui, AMC was transformed from a small mining corporation operating in the Naboo system to one of the largest mining corporations in the galaxy, controlling much of the Orus Sector.

Early in its third year of operation AMC began to experience some controversy as it fell victim to internal conflict between the corporation owner and the leadership of the company. This conflict ultimately lead to a division between the mining corporation and its sister vehicle corporation. It was during this time of vulnerability that AMC was acquired by galactic giant Hapes Consortium which resulted in the birth of Endara Mining Corporation. This partnership provided essential mining services to the Hapan Government and a great opportunity for EMC to re-establish a new home system in the Hapes cluster away from the conflict in Naboo.

Shortly after securing the partnership with Hapes, Saxon Vui stepped down as the leader of EMC, allowing her successor, Danakin Turner, the opportunity to prove his worth at the helm of this great company. Danakin has brought a new perspective to the corporation, as well as establishing our vision of becoming the "Mining Company of Choice" for the galaxy. With him also came some promising new leadership, while retaining the wisdom and experience of its senior members on the board of directors, Endara Mining's future has never looked brighter.

Today Endara Mining exists primarily to sustain its parent companies ever-growing requirement for mining services and raw materials within the Hapes Cluster. A very close secondary objective is to pursue the corporate vision by providing first class mining services and cost-effective raw materials to public clients. These operations are carried out predominantly from the Bresnan system.

Most of the raw materials from the EMC are sold on the CenterPoint Marketplace, the profits from these sales are fed back into expanding the mining operations within the Bresnan system.