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System Shownar
Sector Torch Nebula
Galactic Coordinates (194, -368)
System Coordinates Shownar II (14, 13)
Astrographic Entry (4,15)
Type Gas Giant
Primary Terrain: Gas Giant
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population Approximately 32,883,947
Controlled By GalSec
Sentient Races All Species


The melioristic project of Er’edal city was brought to life on the planet Shownar II, previously known as Harareron, by a group of social innovators who immigrated there from virtually every corner in the galaxy, escaping from poverty or war on their home planets. This social crusaders believed in the importance of shaping the Galaxy into a kinder place for everyone by the power of definite, although sometimes little, actions.

The first settlement soon organized and grew into a little peaceful colony, where exemplary laws were progressively proposed. Multispecieism, tolerance, and compassion were some of the values which their first inhabitants were proud to teach to their offspring. Social dignity and beauty were the main concerns of their founders, and thus within a decade of hard and committed work, the once little colony of refugees became one of the prosperous cities of the planet, and popularly known as “Shownar’s Pearl”.

In recent times Er’edal has experienced a peak in tourism affluence, mainly due to the beauty of its architecture, which surprises the average visitor, accustomed to the galaxy-wide spread city pattern of packed skyscrapers built in metal and concrete. The majesty of Er’edal combines with functionality, and thus the city has been divided into well defined districts where residents as well as visitors can cover all of their needs.

The warm-hearted peoples of Er’edal, and following their desire, the Ruling Council, decided to fully open all of the city districts to both regular visitors and newcomers. It was their wish, that any sentient of the Galaxy who visits the city, be it for a short period of time or a longer one, may be greeted respectively , share their enthusiasm, and can take a part of their spirit with them wherever they go in the Galaxy.


Commercial District

The commercial district houses the most important banks in Er’edal, together with the trendiest taverns in the city and the Harryn’s commerce centre. It is also the place to find the Queen of Air and Darkness Casino, where some of the most popular shows this side of the galaxy take place, and where many VIPs spend their nights.

At Harryn’s you’ll be able to fulfill your trading needs. Drop by there and an old hand at trades, Silvo Harryn in person, will introduce you to the latest merchandise of the galactic market.

Nights at the Queen of Air and Darkness are short! Taste the famous Flameouts, Supernovas or a local STS (See the Stars) shots. Play Pazaak (Tiebreaker Card forbidden), Sabacc (professional overseers available), Lady Luck or many others.

If you’re exceptionally lucky you might meet show starlet Yinia Saresh. Some critics predict that this young twi’lek dancer will be one of the galactic sensations in the following years!

You’ll surely meet Jack; or more precisely, Jack’s surely going to meet you. This ex-tourist who chose to stay and work as a Casino janitor, is more than willing to spread his personal life philosophy to anyone: “The only thing better than watching a female twi’lek dancing, is watching two female twi’leks dancing.”

If you’re not into gambling, either the Mynock’s Head or the Mynock’s Tail are the places to have a drink. Just make sure that you don’t ask the owners about the names of the taverns.. you could unearth old unpleasant memories which usually end up in demonstrations of stupidity..

On Y12 D286 the first Nibanel tourist Tar Zul got amazed with Er’edal. During his visit in city taverns he revealed that food they served had still much more to wish for.. In result one of the taverns was closed. On D309 it was reopened by Toydarian tea trader Murgo Contarus, who had also offered free transportation around the city.

‘Contarus Diner’ tavern provides a quality catering service to feed all the new visitors to the city. It is a new home of the famous Sliders, Murgo’s chefs signature Dish.

Residential District

Er’edal has three different residential zones that answer to preferences in lifestyle rather than social classes. All three of them are open to visitors, and aspiring neighbors should make certain that they take a look around before moving in.

The hard working type of person tends to live in the compound complex next to the industrial district. All that work addicts may want, they can find it here. Better known as the Gateway, this high standard compound is the place where many of the poorest workers in the Shownar system have prospered and started their Galactic adventure; thanks to the relocation and employment program funded by Er’edal administration, to which part of the high standard complex is dedicated. Mungo Kilan, keeper of the district, is also the head engineer at Er’edal’s Shooting Star Hangar. Although he may seem a little awkward, he’s the best in what he does. Asking him about spaceships, always makes him the happiest of men.

The single outgoing people of Er’edal tend to live in the Millenium Flats, a residential zone connecting both parts of the cultural district and situated in front of the Progress Fountains Avenue. Inhabitants of the Millenium Flats are fond of social events, and are a common view in all acts concerning the cultural and artistic life or Er’edal. Perhaps the best example is Kayundoo, the Toydarian, a wealthy art critic and patron that owns the loft at the penthouse of the tower. He is always fond of visitors, so if you’re interested in art, and have the time, paying him a visit may be worth it.

The quiet and family enjoying people are more often found living in the Spark Residential Zone, the third residential district of Er’edal, consisting in personal residences placed in the streets between the industrial and services district. This is probably the quietest residential district of the three, ideal for the rest of the elders and the brought up of children. One of the houses belongs to Dack’la Acklobar, currently the eldest living founder of Er’edal. If you have the chance to speak with him you’ll find how proud he is of what the city has become, and he’ll surely try to tell you more than one story about the circumstances that brought him here. Local gossips say that some of the Jedi have established in the district too, but there’s no official statement about it...

Industrial District

The Shooting Star Hangar and SpaceWorks Landing Pad are the main industries that operate in Er’edal. They give work to many citizens in the city, and are never closed to be able to serve at any time necessary. In this line, both firms are well known collaborators of the pangalactic initiative of ships and vehicles supply, and will help any visitor picking up the available option that better suits their needs. If you are interested in how they could help you, Ranna Sichow is the woman you’re looking for; she’s a renowned mechanic and will be glad to lend a hand to the waverers.

Cultural District

Er’edal Galactic Library is located in the cultural district, where one can also visit the Main Museum and participate in some of the multiple activities that the City Hall holds in the ‘The Art of Gift’ Civic Centre. If you’re interested in knowing in detail the cultural offer of the city, make sure to talk to Silasta Nu, the young appointee of the City Hall for Cultural Promotion. She’s also an artist herself, and one of the protegees of Kayundoo the Toydarian. You may find some of her works in the Main Museum as well as in Kayundoo’s own private collection.

Services District

Following Er’edal’s philosophy of caring for the greater good of both their citizens and the galaxy, one of the biggest and most impressive districts of the city is the services one. It is dedicated to the free care of both the body, mind and soul of the sentient beings of the galaxy, and thus, houses the Free Hospital of the Healing Force, the Temple of the Enlightening and the PanAshla’s Cathedral, dedicated to the unifying and lightside aspects of every galactic religious creed.

The Free Hospital of the Healing Force is a nonprofit organization supported by citizens and the administration of Er’edal, devoted to attend and restore every sentient in need of medical aid, regardless of their origins, social status or political affiliation. Many local figures approach from time to time to lend a hand at the hospital, among them the former menager of the institution, Gannuk Kanikorr.

The Hospital offers its services for free, so if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to approach there. Doctor Shel Orin, local specialist, is always more than happy to insert the needle. Or two.

The Temple of the Enlightening is dedicated to the well-being of the mind. It is the place to go if you need relaxing or if you are interested in opening your mind. All scholars are open to peacefully listen to your ideas and arguments, and will try to help you find the answers you may need; but if you want to meet a paragon of knowledge, search for Mowl Bibow, the renowned Ithorian keeper of the Temple. He always has an advice for everyone!

The largest building, PanAshla’s Cathedral is located at the very center of the city, from where it inspires all of the citizens. One doesn’t have to believe in a definite faith to approach there and share the experience of its mystery. If you believe in the possibility of the existence of the lightside in the galaxy, this is the place to celebrate it. Master Pa’alu will be glad to converse with you and help you see how you can take the spirit of Er’edal with you wherever you will go...