Erell Nazim

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Erell Nazim
Erell Nazim Formal 1.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Zeltron
Homeworld Zeltros
Mother Liryll Nazim (Deceased)
Father Tyros Nazim
Marital Status Single
Born Year -8 Day 185 (23)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.72 meters
Hair Color Blue (Natural) Brunette (Dyed)
Eye Color Grey-Green
Political Information
Affiliation Arkanian Brotherhood
Rank Petty Officer

Early Life

Erell was born into House Nazim, a wealthy and prominent family on Zeltros. Her parents Tyros and Liryll bought Erell up in their estate, living a typical laid back Zeltron life. As an only child, Erell is the sole heir of House Nazim. Tyros taught her to continue his legacy when he was gone and how a noblewoman should act, but his lectures fell on deaf ears. Erell grew tired of the laziness that seemed to engulf the planet, wishing for thrills and adventure, much to her father's chagrin. Her mother however was more understanding of Erell's ambitions, instructing her to follow her heart and that she did not have to be the woman her father wished her to be. As soon as she turned 18, Erell decided that it was time to see what the galaxy had to offer and to have a break from her confinement on Zeltros.

Joining The Arkanian Brotherhood

After departing from Zeltros, Erell travelled from planet to planet seeking adventure. Eventually she met up with a small mercenary group and decided to tag along with them. She became proficient in both long and short range combat and honed her body to peak physical condition, becoming both strong and agile. After 5 years with the mercenaries, when she was 23, she sought bigger things than her current crewmates could offer her and left to join the Arkanian Brotherhood, a group she believed could give her what she was looking for. Once she joined, she quickly graduated from the Academy, achieving 100% on her final exam.