Eren Research Installation

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The Eren Research Installation is a hidden research and development station used by House Arkoh, and now entirely sponsored by Paul Luz and other shadow investors. Located just outside of Trade Federation-- controlled space, it provides a secure research space beyond the reach of bio-ethical regulations, restrictions on equipment, and other sanctions. Historically, this privacy has been used by the station's researchers to run genetic and medical experiments and studies. Eren also houses restricted laboratories where ancient Force-related and Rakatan artifacts as well as artifacts of unknown pedigree are analyzed and deconstructed in hopes of reverse-engineering them to apply their designs to modern technologies. The station is named after Eren, the life-giving goddess of the Aedra pantheon, a native religion of Korriban.

The station's location is a closely guarded secret, known only to Karissa Endeel-the station's Kaminoan architect and manager-, and it's patron, Paul Luz, who oversaw its fundraising and construction. All research aides and assistants are personally chosen by the researchers and must undergo certification and approval by the station's board of directors. To maintain the privacy of the station, strict non-disclosure contracts are required, all clothes and supplies are supplied by the lab, and the researchers and aides are transported aboard a private shuttle so that they cannot know the station's location, even if they desired to. Currently, House Arkoh is producing its own generation of native scientists, dramatically cutting down on the security concerns with researchers that come and go.

Ongoing Research Projects

The Installation is currently involved in three ongoing projects. 1. The Arkanian-Offshoot program is currently in Phase III, which relies on natural procreation and distribution of Arkanian genes by those developed in Phases I and II. However, the scientists at Eren continue to analyze, combine, and replicate Akanian genetic samples that come in from agents throughout the galaxy, producing new individuals as necessary to keep the Arkanian population sufficiently diverse. Under the guidance of Paul Luz, research is also being done into the genetic characteristics that contribute to Force sensitivity, with the goal to produce generations of Arkanians that are more sensitive to the Force than normal populations.

2. Cloning facilities that mass produced Arkanian Offshoots at the projects height are now being used to reproduce the Clone Template in service of the Ternion Corps an organization with whom House Arkoh is closely related.

3. Eren serves as the main repository of Force-related artifacts discovered or obtained by Paul Luz. They are studied, deconstructed, and safely preserved by a team of specially-produced, Force-sensitive researchers grown by Luz himself. While a main motivation is the preservation of the artifacts and the safety of the general public who may have otherwise been affected by these powerful items, Luz and his team are also laboring to reverse engineer technology and apply what they glean from the artifacts to the Offshoot program or Ternion's missions.