Escape Pod

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Scape Pod
Escape Pod.png
Navigational Stats
Hyperspeed 0
Sublight Speed 10 MGLT
Max Speed 100 km/h
Maneuverability 5.00
Sensors 0
Escape Pods n/a
Docking Bay n/a
Hangar Bay n/a
Landing Capacity Landing.gif Yes
Flight Grade Repulsorlifts Repulsor.gif Yes
Graviton Generators n/a
Docking Port n/a
Medical Room n/a
Recycling {{{recycling}}}
Weapons/Utilities n/a
Cargo Stats
Weight 10 T
Volume 170 m³
Weight Capacity 0,1500 T
Volume Capacity 2 m³
Max Passengers 2
Party Slot Size 1.00
Hull Statistics
Length 6 m
Hull 5
Shield 0
Ionic Capacity 1
Raw Materials
Raw Material Price 7,223 AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png
Quantum 1
Meleenium 15
Ardanium 6
Rudic n/a
Rockivory 3
Tibannagas n/a
Varmigio n/a
Lommite 9
Durelium n/a
Bacta n/a
Hibridium n/a
Varium n/a
Affiliation Aurora Technologies
Corellian Engineering Corporation
Drax Industries
FreiTek Inc.
Falleen Naval Contracts
Kuat Drive Yards
Rendili StarDrive
Incom Corporation
Terra Stryker Industries
Triumvirate Space Technologies
Tapani Starship Cooperative
Tion Mil/Sci Industries
Koros Spaceworks
SoroSuub Corporation
Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc.
Horizon Corporation
Tenloss Syndicate
Cygnus Spaceworks
Byblos Drive Yards
Ailon Nova Guard
Koensayr Manufacturing
Ghtroc Industries
Cloud City
Neuro-Saav Technologies
InterGalactic Banking Clan
Huppla Pasa Tisc
Chiss Ascendancy
Meteora Enterprises
Cancerian Technologies
Telma Tech Shipyards
Trilon Inc.
Dukha Industrial
Ardenian Drive Yards
Sienar Fleet Systems
Firaxan Heavy Industries
Bakuran Shipyards
Shobquix Yards
Telgorn Corporation

Small, slow, and defenseless, the Escape Pod is a necessity for any medium to large ship. These vessels are lifesavers in the event of catastrophic accidents or attacks by overwhelming forces. Throughout history, innumerable naval personnel and civilian crews have reached safety only because they had a sufficient number of escape pods onboard.

Each escape pod can comfortably transport one passenger from doom to survival. A pod can also carry a limited amount of cargo, which may allow for vital information to be saved from destruction. Ideally, ejected pods are soon picked up by a friendly ship; if not, they have enough fuel for escapees to reach a nearby planet. Their lack of hyperdrive means that any pods lost in deep space will have to await a recovery vessel, but they do have comm systems, so even then many lives may be saved by the humble escape pod.

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