Esmerelde Du Bois

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Esmerelde Du Bois
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen Prime
Clan Du Bois
Mother Yvenna Du Bois
Father Olivier Du Bois
Marital Status Married
Spouse Valeriya Eyre
Siblings Raoul Du Bois, Guillaume Du Bois
Children One
Born Year -28
Died Assumed dead Y17D250
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information

Esmerelde Du Bois is a Falleen jeweller and aspiring journalist.


Early Years

Esmerelde was born on Falleen Prime in the year -28, the third child and only daughter of Olivier Du Bois and his fourth wife Yvenna. The Du Bois were a lesser warlord clan controlling the island of Goga in the rarely-contested northwest of the planet, notable for its agriculture and winemaking.

Rash and headstrong as a youth, from a young age Esmerelde displayed a marked attraction to males and after finishing university in the capitol, where she had half-heartedly studied electrical engineering, she betrayed her father to pursue a relationship with a young greater noble, Tal Archer, by whom she bore a child. To her anger and dismay, the Archer clan took the child and Esmerelde left her homeworld shortly afterwards.

A New Beginning

The loss of her child left Esmerelde with a fierce desire to prove herself. It took years to mend relations with her family, during which time she worked as a waitress, managed a dating service and eventually moved into journalism. Although rarely short of credits, Esmerelde enjoyed staying busy and coming into contact with other sentients, most notably the Anzati Valeriya Eyre, whom she subsequently married.

Esmerelde never lost her taste for the finer things in life and remained a lover of food and fine wines, travel, fashion, the arts and shopping. Her work as a journalist carried her into politics while her penchant for danger and adventure has, at times, brought her into contact with various galactic celebrities and criminals.

Current Life

Currently, Esmerelde is something of a jack-of-all-trades. Still dabbling in journalism, she also sells her family's wines, oversees an engraving and embroidery business, a machine shop and a hair salon. She also plans weddings on contract. In spite of all that, she still manages to spend a great deal of time drinking, gossiping, shopping and trekking across the galaxy on a whim for whatever cause seems reasonable to her at the moment.

She continues to search for her long-lost child and dreams that he or she might one day learn of her.