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Evax Portrait Transparent.png
Biographical Information
Race Twi'lek
Homeworld Ryloth
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
Rank Senior Pilot
Prior Affiliation

Evax is a Twi'leki male who was a member of Hiram Drayson's Order of Darkness circa Year -2.


Evax started the more important part of his life as a TIE Fighter pilot in the Galactic Empire's 2nd Sector, slowly working his way up through the ranks until he was finally given a commission. This was a big move as he was only the second alien to receive a commission in the Empire. Through his continued efforts Evax rose to be the first alien to be accepted as a full member of Imperial Intelligence (II) and gained the rank of Bureau Chief.

After an extended leave of absence Evax returned to find that the Empire he knew and loved was destroyed. He was expected to give up his position at II, to accept a reduction in rank, and to rejoin the Imperial Navy. This was quite simply unacceptable. After much thought, Evax realized that the Empire he once trusted was simply a false hope and that the empire was the very evil he wished to destroy. Now Evax has moved on to find a new life in a new place...[1]