Exen Hull reporting for duty

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I'm a little confused by all this. Can we get some sort of message from Spytek confirming that he is no longer Emperor?

At the point that it is confirmed that the switch has actually taken place, I will give you a full briefing on Covert Ops over the past year (when I had it) as well as my current role, and my prior history with the Empire. I do understand that my role may change under new leadership, but I assure you I was the most loyal Imperial under the old system, and will continue to be under the new system.

When I joined the Empire over a year ago, it wasn't because I couldn't get into another faction first. It was because I wanted to dominate the galaxy and crush our collective opposition. It sounds like now I'll finally get a chance. Its fun to be the tax collector when you have to tax by force...

Exen Hull Director of the Imperial Treasury