Faerytail Family

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The Faerytail Family
GoF Logo.png
Political information
Type of government Familial Monarchy
Head of State King-Father Simkin Dragoneel
Head-of-Government Queen-Mother Astrid De LaRouge
Affiliation Independent
Societal information
Capital Dalchon, Dalchon, Dalchon
Territory Colonies

Inner Rim

Outer Rim Territories

Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Date of establishment Year 15 Day 187
Status Active
Holosite The Faerytail Family

The Faerytail Family is a newly formed Government that is unique in the galaxy as one of the very few that has been created without outside help or through acts of theft or looting. While it is still young and small compared to some of the older Governments it boasts an active population that are committed to making Faerytail great. Its current and founding Head of State is King-Father Simkin Dragoneel.



The Faerytail Family was initially started with the creation of Faerytail Medical. Faerytail Medical was formed by the dream of Simkin Dragoneel, Erik Thor, and Kirlos Serlon in their desire for medical items and services to be more easily accessible for all people located in the galaxy.

The name of Faerytail was created from a legend in certain backwater worlds located on the rim about a mythical creature known as the Faery. According to the legends, this vicious little creature’s tail has the power to cure any illness, and even regenerate limbs. Some legends even claim this object has the power to bring back life to the recently dead. The Faerytail Family has been devoted ever since to curing the sick and selling Medical Items to all beings.


However, this universe is not a nice or kind place. Many different groups and people have tried to hurt members of Faerytail in their benevolent quest. In order to better defend themselves, Guardians of the Fey was formed (GoF).

For a while, the elite mercenaries of Guardians of the Fey were enough. However, the territory that Faerytail controlled kept growing larger, and a change was needed to better oversee them. On Y17 D97 GoF was renamed to The Faerytail Family (TFF). A restructuring was also started changing the Family structure that Faerytail was known for into a Family/Monarchy hybrid. This made the founder of Faerytail take a new title of "King-Father" and his wife Astrid to take on the new title of "Queen-Mother". With many more changes to come Faerytail will continue to grow and adapt to better serve its members and the population it gives safe haven to.

Is it a fantasy to actually care about ones members and to do everything in your power to protect them? Perhaps it is.... a mere Faerytail......

Family Corporations

Currently the Faerytail Family is made up of:

- Faerytail Medical

- Faerytail Recycling

- The Je`daii Order


The reason Faerytail is referred to as a "Family" rather than a Kingdom is because of the personality of its Founder, Simkin Dragoneel. Simkin believes all members of Faerytail are to be viewed as important and close-knit, like a family. Also it is to show his love for each of his members.


The regular Faerytail Family Military consists of the Guardians of the Fey, which is divided into various task forces, while all other members of the Family act as reservists. The Guardians are led by Elubei Mont`arne and the Second in Command is Bael Kyras.

Chain of Command

Guardians of the Fey


Faerytail Family.png

Faerytail Family
Family Members Faerytail Medical; Faerytail Recycling; The Je`daii Order
Allies Faery Friends Sekkret
NAP's Sekkret
Sectors Dalchon; Duluur; Harrin; Renillis
Planets Dalchon; Foless; Harrin Prime; Harrin Minor; Harrad; Harrak; Harresh; Harrix; Krmar II; Mechis I; Mechis II; Mechis III; Oshara IV; Mechis I; Mechis II; Mechis III; Saki I; Saki II; Sakiya
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