Farewell of Emperor Spytek

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~~Your holovid lights up and the Emperor's personal insignia lights up. The screens fades to show the Emperor sitting at his desk, all certificates of every rank he's held on the back wall. He is in full dress uniform, the newly designed Emperor's insignia shining brightly on his chest. He looks at the screen...but something does not seem right~~

Members of the high command, Sector commanders, soldiers, friends, and citizens. It is with great regret and sadness that I address you today. The powers that be in this galaxy (sim), powers stronger and more powerful than even myself, have requested that I resign my position as your Emperor.

I am proud to have built this Empire from the scraps of the SWSIM game, and presented a faction of unparalleled strength, justice, rule, and order. Apparently, there is no reason for the Rebels to need to fight us. Though I cannot see how a game will or will not proceed until it has started, I will say that this is part of my plan. I had order and discipline unmatched in any other faction. When the game started, who's to say that my word alone to recklessly and unprovoked open fire upon "innocent" rebel ships wouldn't have sparked the war this was supposed to be?

At any rate, I must tell you that it has also been "suggested" the Veynom take command of the Empire. I will not argue with the sim master. Thank you all very much, and good luck. I cannot stay in this Empire any longer.

~Emperor Spytek stands at his desk, removes his insignia from his chest, and places it on his desk. He turns to look back at his awards from Emperor's Drayson, Suntzu, and Vodo. He looks at your screen, nods appreciatively, and walks away. Before your screen goes black, the former Emperor walks to his desk, picks up his insignia, looks at it, and puts it in his pocket. He turns and walks away as your screen goes black. Emperor Spytek's personal logo is quickly replaced by a generic Imperial symbol.~