Fede Vonrico

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Fede Vonrico
Fede Vonrico Portrait Year 19.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Ilyria Vonrico (deceased)
Father Kolay Vonrico (deceased)
Spouse Neria Derycke (fiancée)
Siblings Kolay Vonrico Jr., Aleksia Vonrico
Born Year -9 Day 295
Died Year 19 Day 202
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Rank Command General
Positions 3rd Legion Commanding Officer
Awards 8797 vonrico.png

General Fede Vonrico was a Human male who served in Emperor Seele I's Galactic Empire. Born and raised on a backwater planet in the Outer Rim Territories, Vonrico survived a hardscrabble youth which imbued him with a lifelong desire to make the galaxy a better place. At the age of eighteen, he enlisted in his planet's military forces and dutifully served until Year 15. Voyaging off-world, he joined the Imperial Army in the hope of restoring peace and order to the galaxy, by force of arms if necessary. He steadily advanced through the Imperial hierarchy and earned a reputation as a loyal officer. Circa Year 19 Day 202, General Vonrico was slain on the ice-world of Courtsilius by the ground forces of the Zann Consortium, a criminal syndicate, during the tumultuous war for the Hosnian System.[1]


Early Years

Fede was born in Year -9 on a backwater planet in the Outer Rim. After the downfall of the Old Republic, his homeworld had been plunged into turmoil with low-intensity conflicts periodically erupting. Although a minor planet, various potentates — including former Old Republic officials, crime lords, corporate oligarchs, and local gangsters — all vied for control. Due to these conflicts, the local planetary defense forces were regularly ordered by the government to suppress uprisings and to quell riots.

Fede's father, Kolay Vonrico, was a Non-Commissioned Officer in the local planetary defense forces. During one of the government-ordered crowd-control actions, Kolay was grievously wounded. As the government failed to provide adequate healthcare for the personnel in its armed forces, Kolay did not receive the necessary bacta treatment which he desperately needed to heal and to recuperate. Instead, the government callously discharged Kolay from the armed services. Now hopelessly maimed and forgotten by those whom he had faithfully served, Kolay spent the remainder of his agonizing life in a hover-chair. This tragic event made a considerable impression upon his son Fede who was only ten years old at the time.

Four years later, a terrorist bomb attack destroyed the factory in which his mother Ilyria toiled every day. The attack was allegedly financed by a rival corporation eager to drive a competitor out-of-business. Alongside forty-five workers, Ilyria was utterly disintegrated by the blast. The death of his mother coupled with his father's permanent disablement greatly demoralized Vonrico's family. Fede's eldest brother, Kolay Junior, became a member of a violent gang and a fugitive from justice sought by the security forces. To avoid capture, he went underground and disappeared. The family neither saw nor heard of him ever again.

Fede's sister Aleksia soon departed the family as well. She married an ambitious corporate junior officer and, after his promotion, they journeyed together off-planet. Now the sole caretaker of his disabled father, Fede endured one of the most challenging periods of his adolescence. He had to work, to study, and to care for his father whose health was worsening. Against all the odds, Fede was able to pass his school exams with honors, but any happiness gained by this achievement disappeared as his father soon passed away.

Alone and without economic support, Fede had only one option: To enlist in the planetary defense forces like his father before him. As a nominal soldier, his superiors soon noticed that he possessed leadership abilities. He was promoted first to Sergeant and then to Staff Sergeant. Yet even as his career advanced, he became increasingly frustrated with the planet's deteriorating socio-economic conditions. All around him was widespread corruption and bureaucratic venality. The planet was spiraling into chaos and destruction, yet no one wished to stop it. Finally, he could no tolerate his surroundings. He resigned from the military forces in disgust and chose to leave his homeworld.

Personal Life

Fede Vonrico was often seen during internal functions sitting next to his fellow Imperial Army comrades Alex Rinose, Vladamiur Veselov and Amelia Kolczynski. The four officers had joined the Imperial Army at about the same time and at one point all served in the 1st Imperial Legion together. Before any of the four Imperial Army Officers were in command they started a company called Army Inc which sold military surplus gear around the Imperial Union. It was through these business and military connections around the galaxy that Fede Vonrico would meet his future fiancée Grand Marshal Neria Derycke of CorSec.

Imperial Service

Having escaped his wretched planet, Fede obtained employment as a crewman aboard a peregrine starship. He moved from ship to ship, planet to planet, job to job until at last he reached Coruscant near the center of the galaxy. In his travels from the Outer Rim to the Core Worlds, he had only seen scum and villainy, conflict and corruption. But Coruscant — the magnificent jewel of the Empire — was strikingly different. He saw millions of sentient beings living and working together in peace and harmony. The populace respected the security forces, as well as showed pride in their army and navy. Strolling through the immaculate boulevards and beautiful arboretums of Coruscant, Fede glimpsed an Imperial recruiting station with a streaming banner which read: "The galaxy needs the Empire, the Empire needs you." Fede instantly realized that the Empire was what he had been searching for all those years. He strode into the recruitment station and immediately signed his enlistment papers.

Fede was sent to the fortress world of Prakith to undertake his training at the famous Imperial Academy. On Prakith, Vonrico began his new life as an Imperial cadet in Training Officer Devaron's class. Despite the harsh training and long hours, Vonrico passed the requisite training courses with flying colors and in record time. He received the Imperial Academy Basic Graduate certificate with Honors (IABG-H), as well as the miniature oak-leaf pin signifying this achievement. Choosing between the various branches of service, Vonrico chose to join His Majesty's Imperial Army. As years of active duty passed, he garnered the Unit Distinguished Service (UDS) and Mentioned in Dispatches (MID) commendations. Success followed success, and he eventually attained the lofty rank of General.

After many years of commendable service in the Imperial Army, Vonrico met his fate circa Year 19 Day 202 amid hostilities in the disputed Hosnian system.[1] Shortly before hostilities began, Emperor Seele I had publicly declared the Hosnian system in the Byblos Sector to reside within the Empire's sovereign territory and to be part of the Amber Region under the stewardship of Grand Moff Icarus Carinae.[2] To enforce these territorial claims, Vonrico and other troops were dispatched to secure Imperial control of the system. However, as combat unfolded, the ground forces of the Zann Consortium — a crime syndicate professing anti-Imperial sentiments — killed Vonrico somewhere amid the glaciers, tundras, and boreal forests of the planet Courtsilius. At the time of his death, he held the position of Commanding Officer of the 3rd Imperial Legion.[1] In addition to Vonrico's death, Imperial agent Vladamiur Veselov and Commander Olifa Omicron were taken prisoner by adversarial forces vying for control of the system.[1]

The day after his death Fede Vonrico was posthumously promoted to the rank of Command General and awarded the Obsidian Crescent. [3]

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